Authors Wanted to Sponsor Giveaway Hop Giveaways on My Site

I host a lot of blog hops and have to come up for prizes for them because I can’t really host without participating too.  Thankfully I have a couple of authors who are always willing to provide me with books to giveaway if I don’t already have something planned.  I’m grateful to these authors but am looking for a few more authors who would like to sponsor my blog hop giveaways by providing the giveaway prize.

Here is an example of a recent giveaway hop that was sponsored by someone else.  The book & gift card for this giveaway were provided by a publicist. I hosted the giveaway on my site as part of the Romance is in the Air Hop.

If this interests you just fill out the form below so I can contact you when I need a sponsor.  I add your links to the rafflecopter form so you gain twitter & facebook followers.

Requirements – 
Book must be “family friendly”
Must have a professional looking cover
Young Adult & Clean Romance books preferred
Must provide a giveaway prize and promise to promptly fulfill when the hop ends

You are not “co-hosting” – you are providing the prize that will be given away on my site.