April Kindle Fire Giveaway Sign Ups (Joint Author & Blogger)

April Kindle Fire Giveaway Sign Ups 
This is a joint AUTHOR & BLOGGER EVENT.

Bloggers & Authors are joining together and each chip in a little money towards a Kindle Fire HD 7″.

This event is sponsored by Bloggers & Authors. 
The target posting date for this event is anytime during the week of April 7th.

The cost is $10 for each spot on the rafflecopter.  Payment can be through paypal or by Amazon Gift Card.

The giveaway will look similar to these:

Blogger Options – You can pay to be a sponsor and have a spot on the rafflecopter or you can post the giveaway on your blog to be entered for prizes.

This event is full but sign ups for the next event will open soon.

Sponsoring Bloggers & Authors

  1. I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
  2. Author Jennifer Laurens
  3. Author Lena Sledge
  4. Kelly’s Lucky You
  5. Author Lori V. Fogarsi
  6. Phantasmic Reads
  7. Author Rebecca Talley
  8. Author Ednah Walter
  9. Author Heather Bixler
  10. Girls With Books
  11. My Life With Books
  12. Author Rae Z. Ryans
  13. FanGirl Hostess
  14. All Fantasy Worlds
  15. For the Love of Film and Novels
  16. Author Michael Young
  17. Book Angel Booktopia
  18. Lori’s Reading Corner
  19. Books R Us
  20. Books 4 Tomorrow
  21. Author T. Lynne Tolles
  22. Good Choice Reading
  23. Curling Up With A Good Book
  24. Auggie-Talk
  25. A Bookish Escape
  26. Paranormal Book Club
  27. Reviews by Martha’s Bookshelf
  28. Amethyst Daydreams
  29. Pink Fluffy Hearts
  30. Love. Without You
  31. Books, Books, the Magical Fruit
  32. Author Lisa Voison
  33. Tasty Book Tours
  34. Faebooks
  35. Author Cindy C. Bennett
  36. Author Emma Michaels
  37. Author Lia Fairchild
  38. Fade Into Fantasy
  39. Pieces of Whimsy
  40. Author Rachael Renee Anderson