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 Writing fiction has been a hobby of mine for a number of years. It was a great way to spend the evenings during the periods of time spent “on the road” and “living out of a suitcase. I tried, as most of us have done, mailing out queries and manuscripts to the publishing industry plus a large number  of agents. selected out of the Writers Digest. There was no self publishing alternative until a few years ago to provide another way to market books.. Avoiding the vanity press hustles was easy because you could almost smell the con in their ads.
   When self publishing became available I dismantled the couch I had made out of manuscripts and tried it. Now the challenge is to find people interested enough to read my stuff. By the way, that is not meant to be a derogatory remark, I know about the thousands of self published books looking for a review. My main writing focus is outrageous, light satire which seems to be in short supply. I hope Americans aren’t losing their great sense of humor.

Special Interest

Imagine a quiet world free of fossil fuel pollution  Clean air to breathe. No noise from automobiles or factories. An altruistic scientist imagined it and made it his life’s work to find a replacement for fossil fuels. When he discovers an inexhaustible source of electric power he is murdered by a special interest group trying to find the formula.

As a precaution he has hidden the formula in four parts in places around the world. Only one person will know how to find the four pieces to the formula. A wild and often hilarious pursuit ensues as the energy industries scramble to possess the prize.

Overall I thought the author had a creative idea and I was captivated and wanted to know how the story would end. The characters’ motives were hidden well until the end of the book when the author did finally start to place doubt in your mind about who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. The science behind the energy source was unique too – would be nice if such a thing existed!
~Megan @ A Cozy Reader’s Corner

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