Book Review: Prisoner in Alcatraz by Theresa Breslin

Title: Prisoner in Alcatraz
Author: Theresa Breslin
Series: None
Released: September 1, 2012 (originally released in 2004)
Publisher: Stoke Books


Marty is doing life in the hardest prison in America. No one gets out of Alcatraz. But now there’s a new escape plan. Can Marty break out of Alcatraz – or will life mean life?

I hadn’t actually intended to read this one yet.  I opened it up on my Kindle just to check it out and found myself pulled into the story and finished it in one sitting.

Prisoner in Alcatraz was a really quick read that would be a good match for a reluctant teenage boy.  The fast paced story never lags and keeps the reader engaged.  The sentences are short and conversation like.


I’d heard all the stories of how tough it was.
And about that Rule Five – the food, water, shelter, medical attention and nothing else things.
How it was full of guys who’d cut you as soon as look at you.
But I was kinda proudful too.  I mean, I would be among the big boys now.  I hadn’t liked it when the judge at my trial had classed me as “a petty thief gone wrong”.
“Easily led astray”, my lawyer had pleaded in his address to the jury.
It made me look none too bright.  As if I didn’t have the smarts.

Recommended to reluctant readers age 12 and up.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Content: Clean

Source: Netgalley

Genre/Age Level: Historical fiction appropriate for tweens on up.  Easier reading level.

Read on December 29, 2012