Blogger’s Kindle Fire Giveaway Sign Ups

I’m setting up another joint Blogger’s Kindle Fire Giveaway.

How does it work?
Basically about 20-25 bloggers join together and each chip in a little money towards the Kindle Fire.  All money collected minus paypal fees goes towards the Kindle Fire.  If we have more than $200 collected then we offer a gift card as well.

This event is for Bloggers.  If you are an author who regularly posts reviews to a book blog you can join as well.

The starting date is dependent upon how long it takes to get the needed number of bloggers and get everything set up.  Hopefully 3 to 4 weeks from now.

The cost is $10 for each spot on the rafflecopter.  Payment can be through paypal or by Amazon Gift Card.

The giveaway will look similar to this:

This event is full.

I will be running another event in March. If you would like to be included sign up below.