Ask Me Anything – Scheduled Links AKA Permalinks

Today’s questions is one I am asked all the time.

If I schedule a post how can I send you the link ahead of time?  What is a permalink?  

First what is a permalink?
It’s a “permanent link” that goes directly to a specific post on your blog.

If you click this “Permalink” it will take you to my very first blog post:

In the past there was not an easy way to grab a permalink in blogger before a post was published.  It was easy for those who used wordpress but blogspot users didn’t have an easy way to generate one.  Thankfully that changed last year.

Why bother with Permalinks?
I often schedule posts ahead of time and want to send the link to an author or blog tour host to let them know.  Once a post is created I erase it from my calendar so I’m horrible at remembering to send as link once the post actually goes up. If I grab a permalink and send it at the time I create the post I don’t have to remember to send it once it is published.

How to Generate a Permalink:

-When you are editing your post simply look in your right column.

-Find the word Permalink and click on it.

-You can then grab the permalink that is automatically generated or you can create a custom permalink as I did with this post.  

The automatic permalink for this post would have been:

Instead I created a custom permalink:

Easy as can be!  Although I rarely create custom permalinks I just let blogger automatically generate them.


You need to be aware that permalinks are based upon the title of your blog post.  If you change the title of your blog post before publishing it the permalink will change.

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