2013 Book Review: Real Men Don’t Break Hearts by Coleen Kwan

Title: Real Men Don’t Break Hearts
Author: Coleen Kwan
Series: None
Publisher: Entangled Publishing Bliss
Released: December 10, 2012
Website: http://www.coleenkwan.com/


Ally Griffin is horrified to learn her new landlord is none other than the infuriating playboy Nate Hardy—the man whose wiles she just knows got her jilted at the altar six years ago. Add to it that her ex-fiancé Seth is showing up in her hometown of Burronga, Australia, to marry his beautiful new bride…for real this time. But the kicker? Everybody’s treating Ally as though she’s still heartbroken. She’s just fine, thank you very much, but could The Jilter have the decency not to hire her sister as his florist?

Nate Hardy is tired of his high-flying city career and bachelor lifestyle and is looking for something more real. The last thing he needs is to find himself undeniably attracted to Ally, the woman with whom he never saw eye-to-eye. But is he even capable of what Ally wants and deserves?

As Ally tries to pull her life out of the rut it’s fallen in, she doesn’t count on Nate stirring up her emotions. A short-term fling with the resident bad boy is practically irresistible, but only if she can guard her heart…

This is a hard book for me to rate and review because it didn’t meet my expectations.  Going into it I thought this was a clean romance and I was half way in before I realized there was more content than I am comfortable with.  It was pitched to me as sweet and sassy which it was but I’m a “closed” door kind of reader and in this book the door was cracked open.  It wasn’t wide open, it wasn’t explicit or erotic, just more than I like to read.

I went and read Bliss’s Submission guidelines:

Bliss is seeking uplifting, heartwarming stories.. The editors are looking for fresh, contemporary voices that reflect the trials and tribulations of modern love in America. The focus should be on family, home, a strong sense of community, and ultimately happiness, but the tone can be anything from snarky to emotional to nostalgic and everything in between.

This book did meet those guidelines.  Family, home, community, ultimate happiness… it was all there.  It was a fun read but I was left skimming several pages through the second half of the book due to the sexual content.  I’m not giving up on Bliss yet as their submission guidelines also say: Stories should be closed door to non-explicit sexual language.  I’ll be looking for a “closed door” release as I really did enjoy the heartwarming story and it did have an uplifting message of change and second chances.

Real Men Don’t Break Hearts was a cute story with a lot of fun interactions between the main characters.  I enjoyed the banter between Ally & Nate.  It was one of those books where the heroines perceived worst enemy isn’t as bad as he seems kind of books.  I really liked Nate and was pleased to see him transform from bad boy to knight in shinning armor.

Recommended to those who enjoy heartwarming romance and don’t mind a little heat.

Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book

Content: Language and some sexual content

Source: Review Copy

Genre/Reading Level: Adult Romance 18+

Read January 1, 2013