2013 Book Review: Partridge and the Peartree by Patricia Kiyono

Title: Partridge and the Peartree
Author: Patricia Kiyono
Series: None
Released: November 1, 2012
Publisher: Astraea Press
Website: http://www.patriciakiyono.com/


Phillip Peartree, Duke of Bartlett, dreamed of a peaceful life with a suitable mate until a hunting accident left him scarred and nearly deaf. Resigned to spending the rest of his days alone, Phillip has devoted himself to rebuilding his family estate. But, a chance encounter with a lovely young woman in a dusty bookstore rekindles his almost-forgotten hopes and dreams.

Lady Amelia Partridge has no time for the frivolity of the London social scene. She is much too busy. In addition to her work with the Ladies Literary Society, she has a mission – educating poor children in the city. She also has a secret life, one she fears might drive away the young duke who has become increasingly important to her.

This was another quick read.  The novella is just 62 pages so it’s easily read in 1 sitting.  This book didn’t wow me but I think it is because it was just too short to develop the kind of relationship and interactions I would have liked to have seen.

The main characters share a love of books. I loved this quote from the first chapter:  “So he lived vicariously through the characters in his books.  They were his friends.  Although he’d already read nearly every title on the shelves, he’d come to this quiet little shop, on the edge of town, hoping find something new”.  It’s usually women who admit to living vicariously through characters in books so it was fun to hear a male admitting to doing the same.

It’s a sweet story with lots of potential but nothing in it really grabbed me and made my heart flutter.  There wasn’t even a kiss.  That said I really liked how the characters were so selfless and caring for others, it made them very likable.  It’s another book I have no regrets in taking the time to read.

Recommend to anyone looking for a cute, clean Christmas story.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Content: Clean

Source: Review Copy

Genre/Age Level: Clean Romance appropriate for young adults

Read January 1, 2013