2013 Book Review: A Christmas Surprise by Lindsay Downs

Title: A Christmas Surprise
Author: Lindsay Downs
Series: None
Released: November 7, 2012
Publisher: Astraea Press
Website: http://www.lindsaydowns.com/


If I hear one more debutante declare that they will never marry unless it is for love, well. I shall break my quill! And we all know what happens when I break my quill. Things become very up-setting and it isn’t long before I— Well, that is quite another story. Let this author, this matriarch, this paragon of society guide you with her infinite wisdom. It is apparent that many of you have gotten this silly notion of love in your head, most likely from American influence, and please do not get me started on those savages. The point, young dears, is that love, is silly. Take for example Lady Aleece, poor young dear never stood a chance! Can you imagine being mauled in public? By a commoner no less? Although, rumors have been running rampant that this very delicious commoner is in fact the Marquess of Somerset, I have my doubts. For one thing, a Marquess should be more unfortunate looking which is clearly not the case with Somerset. Let this be a lesson dear readers. If you marry for love, there is a very big chance that you will end up with your heart broken, or in that wretched commoners case—kidnapped (though many be-lieve he should have been killed for even breathing the same air as our fair lady). Dear readers, have I taught you nothing this holiday season?

—Mrs. Peabody’s Society Papers

A Christmas Surprise was a sweet clean historic Christmas novella that I rather enjoyed.  Other than Jane Austen & Jane Eyre, dozens of Holocaust tales & a handful of other books, I’ve not read a lot of historic novels. I think I am going to start reading more of them.

I admit there were some terms I had no clue what they meant.  Somewhere in my upbringing I’ve missed out on the definitions of words like “hoyden”, “rakehell” & “ton”.  At least I’m learning something new as I read books like this one.  
There was no build up in this one as it was love at first sight which is not my favorite way for a relationship to develop.  At times I found myself a little confused as to who was who and who knew what but I guess that was part of the point of the story.  
I never really felt that heart fluttering spark while reading about their interactions together but both the hero and heroine were likable characters who you wanted to see end up with a happily ever after together.  The story wrapped up way too quickly and I had a few questions that never got answered but overall this was great little book easily read in one short sitting.

There were a few plot twists and turns that kept me turning the pages and this was a book I have no regrets in taking the time to read.  It was just a quick, clean, fun read that left me smiling.

Recommended to those who enjoy sweet, clean historic romances.

Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book
Content: Clean
Source: Review Copy

Genre/Age Level: Clean Romance appropriate for Young Adults

Read January 1, 2013