The Return of Know Me Better – Holiday Edition

The Return of
“Know Me Better”

Last December I ran my last Know Me Better Post with this note at the bottom –
Due to the craziness of the holiday season Know Me Better is taking a few weeks off. It will resume in 2012.

Here it is a year later and it’s finally returning!  This is a “replay” of last year’s post just to give new readers an idea of how it works.  No new questions today but I will have new ones beginning next week.

Each week I will pick 5 questions off of my author interview list to answers.

In trying to figure out how to share more about myself I got to thinking that I would love to get to know the readers of my blog better too.  I invite you to share your answers to these questions as well.  You can share them as a comment on this post or share them on your own blog and link up to this post.

This Week’s Questions are Holiday Related.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas feel free to modify the questions to apply to the holiday you do celebrate

Red or Green?
Favorite Christmas Carol?
What do you want for Christmas?
Favorite Holiday Treat?
Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Red or Green?
Last year’s answer: Green is my favorite color but I wear a lot of red.
This year: nothing has changed 🙂

Favorite Christmas Carol?
Last Year: Silent Night
This year: Same

What do you want for Christmas? 
Last Year: There isn’t really anything I need and as is the case with a lot of people money is really tight this year. I’m just hoping my children are happy & healthy on Christmas morning and satisfied with a scaled back Christmas.
This year: Wow nothing has really changed since last year.  Money is still tight, Christmas is still scaled back, and I still want happy and healthy children.

Favorite Holiday Treat?
Last Year: One I can no longer get.  My mom made the best cinnamon rolls.  We had them for breakfast every Christmas morning.  She attempted several times to teach me to make them but I never came close to the perfection her cinnamon rolls were.
This year: Oh I would still love one of my mom’s cinnamon rolls but I’m really craving homemade caramel. At least that is a simple recipe I can easily recreate.

1 C. Butter
1 lb. light brown sugar
1 C. light corn syrup
1 15 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1 t. vanilla

Melt butter in a heavy sauce pan.  Add brown sugar, salt and stir until combined.  Add corn syrup.  Gradually add sweetened condensed milk stirring constantly.  Cook and stir over a medium heat until the candy reaches firm ball stage (241 degrees on my thermometer).  Remove from heat and stir in 1 t. vanilla.
Pour into a lightly buttered 9 x 13 pan.  Cool thoroughly.  Cut into small squares and wrap in waxed paper.

My candy thermometer boils at 206 degrees.  Find out where yours boils and add 35 degrees to find out how hot to get your caramel mixture.
Use the heaviest sauce pan you can find.
Make sure you stir constantly or you will burn it in seconds.  Be sure the utensil you use to stir it with can withstand the heat.  Cheap plastic will melt.  I use a high heat rubber scraper.
My stove burners have seven markings for heat, I use the temperature of 5 1/2 which is half way between medium and hot.  The faster you cook the caramel the lighter the color.

Favorite Holiday Tradition?
Last Year: We always go out to eat on Christmas Eve.  That is my “gift” – not having to make a big meal.  Since moving to the same town as my uncle we usually go out for lunch so we are hungry when we go to my Uncle’s in the evening for a holiday buffet.  We then go look at Christmas lights, read the Christmas Story in the Bible, open a present which is usually new pajamas and then try to go to sleep so Santa can come.
This year: I’m actually considering skipping eating out this year and my kids do not need new pajamas so perhaps it will be a year with new traditions.  One of my other favorite Christmas Traditions is taking gifts to our neighbors.  This year it is dishtowels with this saying:
This little towel is sent your way.
To brighten your home ’til Christmas Day.
Each time it’s used we hope you’ll remember
That you’re thought of all year, not only December.

Now it’s your turn! Share an answer to one or more of these questions as a comment or post your answers on your blog and link up here!