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Lori Culwell is the author of five books, including Hollywood Car Wash, a novel that was originally self-published, then was acquired by Simon & Schuster and re-released. She is the owner of Get Creative, Inc, a consulting company specializing in search-engine friendly content, and of,dedicated to providing authors with user-friendly websites, social media education, and book blogger outreach.

The Dirt by Lori Culwell

Lucy Whitley cannot wait to get out of Palm Desert. It’s not a place for a frizzy-haired science nerd, particularly when her fashion-obsessed older sister Sloane is the head of a clique of pretty girls who rule the school—and practically the whole town.Fortunately, life is about to change forever. Lucy’s dad is getting re-married, and then she can transfer to a boarding school in Connecticut, escaping all the mean girls and the endless whispers about the Whitley family scandal. Everything is going to be perfect—as long as the wedding goes smoothly.

Top Ten with Lucy from The Dirt
(Lucy’s POV)

1. Favorite movie/actor/actress?
I will admit, I do have a soft spot for Robert Pattinson in those Twilight movies.  Maybe it’s the unconditional love.   He is really hot though.

2. Favorite song/singer?
I love Wilco!  Sometimes my friends have to make me stop listening to their albums on repeat because they say it makes me moody.

3. Favorite place you would love to visit?
My new boarding school in Connecticut.   I am so an east coast person stuck in a desert town.

4. One item you cannot live without?
iPhone!  I would die without being able to talk to my friends. 

5. Who would you like to meet? (dead or alive)
Shakespeare, of course. 

6. Favorite hobby?
I am a little obsessive about watching entire tv shows, like I get hooked on one and have to see every single episode.   Most recently this applied to “Grey’s Anatomy.” 

7. Guilty pleasure?
I cannot be trusted with those dark chocolate acai berries from Costco.   I am really skinny and it’s not really about the calories, it’s more like I can’t stop thinking about them once they are in my house.    That can’t be good for me!

8. Favorite author and/book?
Catcher in the Rye, all the way.  I totally identify with Holden Caufield’s alienation and hatred of phonies.  That’s why it is hard being the sister of the World’s Most Popular Cheerleader girl. 

9. Do you collect anything?
I like old books, though more and more I’m finding it’s more convenient to keep an entire library in my iPad.  Also, I have OCD, so I’m pretty anti-clutter.   Collections of anything kind of remind me of that show “Hoarders.” 

10. Favorite color?
Can I be a total nerd and tell you the exact hex code of my favorite color?  It’s #7AB5B1. Very soothing.

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