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Welcome back to Author Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Lynda Mullaly Hunt is the author of middle-grade novel, ONE FOR THE MURPHYS (Nancy Paulsen Books/Penguin), winner of The Tassy Walden Award: New Voices in Children’s Literature. She is also a former teacher and Scenario Writing coach. Lynda has been Director of the SCBWI-NE Whispering Pines Retreat for six years. Lynda lives with her husband, two kids, impetuous beagle and beagle-loathing cat.

Ten Things with Author Lynda Mullaly Hunt

1) Things That Inspire You
When it comes to writing, being with other people inspires me—especially other writers.  What inspires me in general? Kids. Kids have always made me happy and have inspired me since I was a kid myself. They inspired me as a teacher and they inspire me now as I write. I am also inspired by music. I’ve used it to elevate my mood since I’ve had a memory.

2) Places You Would Most Want to Travel To
I’ve always wanted to visit San Francisco and Hawaii. (I’ve wanted to go to Hawaii since I was about six years old). I’d also like to see Ireland (My family is from Kilkenny and Tipperary). The Bologna Book Fair seems like it would be a blast, too. I’m told the whole city is covered in books!

3) Favorite Snacks
Toast. I love buttered toasted cranberry wheat bread from the bakery. Not too fancy but it’s my favorite. Yum!

4) Places you would consider paradise
There is a sign hanging in my office that reads, “Paradise found.”  At the expense of sounding like The Hallmark Channel, my favorite place to be is home. It isn’t about the house, though. I just love it when we’re all together. My house gives me a happy peace. Other than home, I love the ocean. LOVE it. I love the rocky coast of Maine. Gorgeous—and inspiring!

5) Things that bring a smile to your face
Snow storms and snow days. Santa Claus. Little boys playing with Tonka construction vehicles at the beach. The memory of seeing Wicked on Broadway. My husband and children. A letter from a person that has loved One for the Murphys. Book contracts. A friend that I have missed. The ornaments my kids made when they were little. My agent. My dog, Bagel, running to me when I come home. Coincidences. Trick-or-treaters at the front door. Story time at the book store. A completed draft that I’m happy with. A birthday cake.

6) Words you love
All the years I was growing up, my mum always said that her favorite words were, “joy” and “serendipity.” I like them, too. For many reasons.

7) Books you’d like to rewrite the ending to
I had wished a million times when I was young that the ending of THE CAY by Theodore Taylor was different. I’d like to rewrite it for the kid still inside me.

8) Favorite desserts
Anything with baked apples. Also oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with pretzel bits in them.

9) Ten tunes you have on your (Music) IPod, etc.
Okay. Going to the iPod to choose ten random songs via shuffle:
Now and Forever by Carole King
Everything by Lifehouse
Your Song by Elton John
Payphone by Maroon Five
Pachebel’s Canon in D
We are Young by Fun
Believe by Cher
Baby Love by Diana Ross and The Supremes
Hard to Say I’m Sorry by Peter Cetera
Follow You, Follow Me by Genesis

10) Movies you never want to see again
Although it is a popular movie, I never want to see “Titanic” again. I’m so visual that I have not been able to shake the pictures in my head—even after several years. Must have been well done though. J

One of my Top Picks of 2012

Title: One for the Murphys
Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Series: None – Stands Alone
Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books (Penguin)
Released: May 10, 2012

Book Summary:

In the wake of heart-breaking betrayal, Carley Connors is thrust into foster care and left on the steps of the Murphys, a happy, bustling family.
Carley has thick walls and isn’t rattled easily, but this is a world she just doesn’t understand. A world that frightens her. So, she resists this side of life she’d believed did not exist with dinners around a table and a “zip your jacket, here’s your lunch” kind of mom.
However, with the help of her Broadway-obsessed and unpredictable friend, Toni, the Murphys do the impossible in showing Carley what it feels like to belong somewhere. But, when her mother wants her back, will she lose the only family that she has ever known? 

Well done! This one really tugged at my heart. Be sure you have a box of kleenex nearby! 

Lynda did a fabulous job with this story. I laughed and cried while reading it. We get to see Carley’s defenses come down as she is surrounded by people who truly care about and love her. The story didn’t end how I thought it would but life is not a fairy tale so it was probably a realistic portrayal of what often happens to kids in the foster care system.

A touching story that shows that one person really can make a difference in the lives of others.  This is a middle grade read but has great cross-over appeal to an older audience.

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: From Author for review

Content: Clean

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