Book Review: The 13th Day of Christmas by Jason F. Wright

Title: The 13th Day of Christmas
Author: Jason F. Wright
Series: None
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Released: November 14, 2012


Marva Fergusen has a very personal Christmas tradition that happens every December 26th. As an aging widow, the tradition means more to her now than it ever has.
Her newest neighbor, nine-year-old Charlee Alexander, loves Christmas too. But her family has fallen on hard times and things get worse when Charlee becomes critically ill.
Then, on December 12th, Charlee makes a wonderful Discovery. A mysterious note is delivered that promises twelve days of gifts and stories that will reveal the truth behind the beloved Christmas song “The 12 Days of Christmas.” As the days go by, the gifts hint to a possible lost lyric. Was there once a thirteenth day of Christmas? And if so, could it’s magic change – or save – a life?
Filled with laughter, tenderness, and hope, The 13th Day of Christmas invites us to see how an old Christmas favorite can become a true Christmas miracle.

Book Trailer: (although don’t watch it until after you have read the book because it’s full of spoilers)

The 13th Day of Christmas was my “Christmas Read” for this year.  I read and enjoyed Wright’s book The Christmas Jars a couple years ago and decided to give this one a try.

From the reviews I had read I was expecting to need a box of Kleenex while reading this book but found myself dry eyed throughout.  That doesn’t mean it was a touching story because it was.  Just for me personally I found it more inspiring than sad.

Anyone who has listened to the song The 12 Days of Christmas may have had thoughts similar to the ones I’ve had such as…  “What lame gifts” …  The 13th Day of Christmas gives us the “original” version of the song as told by travelling elves who originally collected the gifts.  And the long lost 13th day of Christmas.

If you are looking for a book to help put you in the Christmas Spirit this is a great choice.

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Content: Clean

Source: Review Copy from Publisher