Book Review: City Limits by Sheralyn Pratt

Title: City Limits
Author: Sheralyn Pratt
Series: Rhea Jensen #3
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Released: October 8, 2010

Book Summary

In the third installment of the Rhea Jensen series, Rhea’s best friend Kay McCoy moves to Salt Lake City to keep a closer eye on Rhea, and Rhea worries that Kay wants things to go back to the way they were in Los Angeles – clubbing, dancing, and men. But when Rhea agrees to do a simple, harmless favor for Kay, she unwittingly sets off a series of events that ends up with a secret society appearing right at her door. The stakes are higher than ever – solving the case means more than just collecting her weekly paycheck. This time, it’s a matter of life and death.

While reviewing books on my to read list City Limits caught my eye.  I remembered how much I enjoyed the first two books in this series so I requested City Limits from the library and jump right into it.  I was not disappointed.

Sheralyn has such a fun way of poking fun at the LDS culture.  She makes me laugh at her characters and at myself too.

I love the relationship between Rhea & Ty and love the supporting characters too.

If you are looking for something a little snarky and a lot of fun the Rhea Jensen series is a great bet.

This book was originally released back in 2005 with the title Idle Playgrounds.  Someday I would like to go back and read the original release to see what has changed as I read that quite a bit has.

Rating: 4 stars – Great Book

Content: Clean

Source: Library