Book Review: Candy Fairies by Helen Perelman

Candy Fairies by Helen Perelman Books 1-3

Chocolate Dreams

Cocoa the Chocolate Fairy has been picked to watch over the special chocolate eggs for the spring Egg Parade. But right before the parade, the eggs are missing from the nest. Can Cocoa and her friends solve the egg mystery before the big day?

Rainbow Swirl

In Rainbow Swirl, Raina is a young Gummy Fairy getting ready for the annual candy contest at the castle. But a terrible storm swirls all the colors of the candies together the night before the event! Can Raina create a new candy in time for the contest?

Caramel Moon

All the fairies expect to eat candy corn at the Harvest Festival, but the crop of candy corns is shrinking! Is someone playing a trick? Mellie the Caramel Fairy discovers that the Chuchies are back and have been digging in the fields, pulling up the candy corns before the fairies can collect them. Mellie makes sure the Chuchies learn a lesson while her friends help her to harvest a new crop of candy corn just in time for the festival.

My first grader decided she was done with picture books and ready for chapter books and these were the books she chose for me to read to her.  I was not excited to read these and it honestly took me a while to get into the rhythm of the story and all it’s sugary sweetness.  Thankfully they did grow on me as we went along.

I’d say these are just so/so read alouds but my daughter who these books are aimed at thinks they are amazing.

We do have the 4th book in the series but when we finished book 3 she decided she wanted to have me read something different to her.  I’m assuming someday soon she’ll want to return to this series but she’s done for now.

If you have a 6-8 year old they would likely enjoy these stories too.

Content: Obviously totally clean

Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book for those transitioning to chapter books.

Source: Won in a giveaway