Backup Your Blog & Custom Domain Name

One of my friends just had her blog removed by blogger because they labeled it as spam.  It’s a good reminder to me to back up my blog!

There are lots of sites online that easily explain how to do it.  It is so simple to do in blogger.

Go to your blogger dashboard
Click on Settings
Click on Other
Click on Export Blog
Click Download Blog

If you are in wordpress I can’t help but a simple search will show you lots of sights showing you how to do it.

Also I did purchase a custom domain for my blog through blogger. I may choose a different domain name eventually but for now this is what I have:

I didn’t want my full blog name because it is too long so I just used the first part of it.

There are a few things on my blog that are not working properly yet such as the Search gadget but hopefully soon everything it will all work.

Still unsure about how it works but it’s something I’ve been going to do for a long time and finally did since blogger has made it so easy and so cheap to do.

For now still works too!