Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem by Melissa Lemon Interview & Giveaway

Welcome to author Melissa Lemon

Melissa has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil in her hand and she has a deformed, calloused finger to prove it.  She began twisting fairy tales in the fifth grade when she wrote a story about George of the Jungle making his way to Neverland.  Melissa enjoys writing, making music, reading, baking and running.  She lives with her husband, three daughters and cat named Matilda.



When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”? 

I went through phases. First I wanted to be a teacher, then an architect, and then a psychologist. I never wanted to be a writer because I didn’t ever realize that was an option. Teachers don’t talk about that being a possibility for some reason. (Maybe because it is so impossible.) I always loved creative writing, though. And now I’m hooked on being an author.

How did you know you should become an author? 
After trying for three years to get published—and failing miserably, I might add—I attempted to quit. I packed up all of my notebooks and drafts and stuffed them into a closet next to all my unfinished sewing projects. Then I cried for a week. I never cry when I put something away because I can’t stand the sight of it anymore. That’s when I knew I was meant to be a writer. 

Hidden talent? 
Knitting. Although, I wouldn’t say I’m really talented at it. It’s just something I do for fun on occasion. And I’m stuck on the scarf, not willing to venture into using an actual pattern.

Favorite Food? 
Pizza, pizza, pizza.

Favorite Candy? 
Cadbury Mini Eggs. It makes me want to cry thinking about how they are only available in spring. The Christmas ornament version just isn’t the same.

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year? 
Catching Fire. I just hope they improve the camera work this time. It was a total bummer watching The Hunger Games alone on the front row because my husband was too sick to sit by me.

How do you react to a bad review? 
Cry and eat chocolate. What would you do?

What’s your favorite season/weather? 
My favorite season is fall. I love autumn leaves, chilly wind and damp earth. Thunder and rain storms are my favorite weather. I love to walk in the rain or just sit by the window and watch the dark sky and the drops slash through the air and patter on the ground.

Favorite smell? 
Rain, roses, lilies, fresh baked bread or chocolate chip cookies, pine needles in the spring.

Write a Haiku about your book. 
Okay, I am so not an expert, but here it goes.
Swirling icy snow
Trailing behind the princess
Eager to protect

Shoes or Sandals? 
Flip-flops, please, unless snow is sticking to the ground.

Text or Talk? 
Either one as long as the conversation is stimulating and sincere.

Favorite quote from a movie? 
“Hello! My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem

Katiyana Whyte’s world is only as big as the apple orchard she was raised on. She can never leave the home where she grew up under the careful eye of her great uncle Barney. But when life at the orchard suddenly becomes dangerous and her childhood friend Jeremy begs her to flee, Kat finds refuge in the Fluttering Forest with seven dwarfs.

Meanwhile, the queen of Mayhem, an evil sorceress, learns through her magic mirror that the daughter she believed to be dead still lives. Enraged, she sends a servant to kill Kat, the princess of Mayhem, but Kat finds protection in a spell that causes snowstorms whenever she is in danger, giving her the nickname Snow Whyte.

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