Picture Book Review: The Yeti Story by Stefan Bucher

Title: The Yeti Story
Author: Stefan Bucher
Released: 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins
Website: Saks Fifth Avenue


This year, Saks Fifth Avenue is offering an exclusive gift for children that is only available through Saks and is perfect for the Holidays. Published by Harper Collins, The Yeti Story takes children inside the Yeti’s journey from Siberia all the way to the rooftop of Saks. It is a fun, feel-good story that is perfect for any child. The book, which is written and illustrated by Stefan Bucher is a holiday-themed story that is sure to become a collector’s item.

From Sak POV:

For years, there have been rumors of someone — or something — living on the roof of Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City. The first alleged sighting came in the mid-1950s from a tourist on Fifth Avenue who insisted that she saw a furry, snaggletoothed creature peek over the roof of Saks during the holiday season. That tourist would not be the last to catch sight of Saks Fifth Avenue’s winter houseguest. What eye-witnesses describe as some kind of “Yeti” has been spotted by tourists , sketched by Yeti-trackers , denied by Saks Fifth Avenue’s chairman , debated by scientists  and possibly caught on rooftop security camera footage.

In the past, Saks Fifth Avenue simply brushed aside the claims, issuing “no comment.” But as the rumors intensified, the store saw an opportunity to capitalize on the legend of the Yeti. Saks contacted the foremost monster expert in the field, Stefan Bucher, to look into the matter. Mr. Bucher worked day and night for months on end to create a lovable plush version of the Yeti, as well as the illustrated children’s story of how the Yeti got to Saks in the first place.

Now, what was once a footnote in the folklore of Saks Fifth Avenue has become the star of our holiday story. In addition to a plush toy and book , the Saks Yeti has his own socks, cookies and more. He has dabbled in social media, sharing his holiday wish list on Pinterest. He even makes a cameo appearance in the 3-D Snowflake Spectacular Light Show, appearing throughout the holiday season on the façade of the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store.

Whether a Yeti truly lives on the roof of Saks, no one can say for sure. But if you happen to visit us in New York this holiday season, look up. You never know what you might see…

This is a cute book.  I’ve never been to Saks Fifth Avenue in New York but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this tale of the Yeti who sets up shop on its roof.   Yetikovski is a snowflake maker from Siberia.  He dreams of making splendid snowflakes but his boss only cares about the speed of production.  With his parent’s encouragement he sets out to make his dreams come true ultimately ending up in New York City.

The rhyming text was fun to read and the black, white & red pictures we’re delightful.  A holiday tale that is sure to be a hit with many.

Rating: 5 Stars

Source: Review copy from Saks Fifth Avenue