Guest Review: Millicent Marie is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz

Title: Millicent Marie is Not My Name
Author: Karen Pokras Toz
Series: None
Publisher: Grand Daisy Press
Released: October 11, 2012


Twelve-year-old Millicent Marie does not like her name. After all, she was named for a woman who died more than fifty years ago and was not the most loveable member of the Harris family. Her friends call her Millie, but when she writes in her diary she refers to herself as Amanda – the name she always wished she had.

When Millie’s younger brother finds her diary on her computer, he decides to publish it as a blog for the entire world to see, including the boy Millie has a crush on. In the midst of all the mayhem, Millie/Amanda discovers she is suddenly Springside Elementary’s most sought after sixth-grade mystery gossip and advice columnist.

But not all is fun and games, as Millie quickly learns, once she realizes feelings are at stake. Nobody, least of all Millie, expects things to turn out as they do in this tale of friendship and respect.

Guest Review by Sandy

I am so excited to be a guest reviewer today on I am a Reader, Not a Writer! I have been a reader of Kathy’s for quite a while and perhaps that is why my TBR pile is so long, LOL.   I have always been a reader but with Kathy’s support, I am branching out into different genres and appreciating different authors.

I am a substitute teacher for grades K- 6 and love every minute of it.  Its crazy some days but I just love listening to the kids and seeing the light bulb moments and being a part of them. I am also lucky to see what they are reading but that doesn’t help my TBR pile either. I come home with Post-its in my pockets with books that are “really good” or “you have to read” that I add to my pile.  But this works both ways as I also give them book ideas.  I am also a mother of three wonderful children who have all left the nest and I just recently had my first grandchild.  I am truly blessed.

Today we are reviewing Millicent Marie is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz . Millicent Marie is a 6th grader and although she is not a popular girl at school, she has a few friends that she can talk to. She would love to be popular and who wouldn’t want to be since she is in her last year of elementary school. Millicent has a lot of things on her mind and she has taken to writing her diary on her computer. Life is good, until her brother decides to publicly publish it and Millicent feels as if her life is over. But is it? See, Millicent has hated her name for a long time but when she posts in her diary she goes by the alias Amanda and when her diary goes public, a new girl Amanda has suddenly become popular and a celebrity around the school. People begin to send emails to this new Amanda seeking her advice and Millicent has finally become the person she has always wanted to be, only behind closed doors. The problem is, how long can she lead this double life? Can Millicent handle the new pressure being placed on her? As the story progresses, you are introduced to the typical students that make a class body. It’s not just about Millicent anymore but how the whole class surrounds around this new Amanda and adjusts to where she fits into their group. The issue of bullying is the main issue of this book which is true but it also hits upon friendship and honesty.  I think this would make a great read-a-loud in a classroom or a great bedtime read.

A really clean book – no sex, drugs and great language throughout. Only one word that might be offensive: OMG. Excellent book and everyone should read this if you have a younger child.

Thank Sandy!  Sandy does not have a blog but if you can read more of her reviews on Goodreads.