Book Review: After Hello by Lisa Mangum

Title: After Hello
Author: Lisa Mangum

Series: Stands Alone
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Released: September 4, 2012


What if the first day of your relationship was the only day you had? 

Seventeen-year-old Sara is a seeker. She’s always on the lookout for the perfect moment to capture with her ever-present, point-and-shoot camera, especially on her first trip to New York City. 

Sam is a finder. He has a knack for finding what other people can’t—a first-edition book or the last two tickets to a sold-out Broadway show. In New York, there is always something interesting to find. 

When Sam and Sara’s paths cross, neither one of them is prepared for what they will find out about each other—and about themselves when they form an unlikely partnership in search of a seemingly elusive work of art. They have one day to find the impossible. Fate brought their talents together, but what happens when time runs out? Will love be able to overcome fate? This new novel from award-winning author Lisa Mangum explores what happens after hello.

Original.  That’s my word to describe this contemporary young adult book.  I did not feel like I was rereading a story that had already been told.  From the summary I was expecting something with paranormal or magical elements (seeker & finder) but there was nothing paranormal about this book at all.  It’s a fabulously written story with some depth to it. 

After Hello chronicles the last 24 hours of Sara’s visit to New York City.  Sara sees Sam through her camera lens and follows him.  After their initial meeting they end up spending the day together on a journey in search of a unique work of art.  Their quest become a journey of self discovery and a chance to help each other.
I’m impressed by Lisa Mangum’s writing so I’m bumping her Hourglass Door series up on my to read list.
Rating: 4.5 Stars – Highly Recommend
Content: Clean
Source: Review copy from Publisher

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