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YA Mythology Hop October 26th to November 4th.

The Goddess Girls by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams

Today I have Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena & Persephone from The Goddess Girls here to do a Character This or That.

Hi Kathy,

This is Artemis, Aphrodite, Athena, and Persephone. We’re so excited to be here! Thanks for interviewing us on your blog to celebrate the recent release of our Goddess Girls Super Special: The Girl Games. Since we all took turns telling the story of our very first girls-only Olympic Games (yay!), we’ll also take turns answering the questions in your Character This ‘n That.

Hot or Cold?

Persephone: HOT! As in Underworld hot. I love going there with Hades. But I admit that taking a kitten there probably wasn’t my best idea.

Aphrodite: Thank godness he didn’t get eaten by Hade’s three-headed dog, Cerberus!

Athena: But back to your question. Cold. As in the delicious ice-cold ambrosia shakes we get at the Supernatural Market.

Artemis: Yum! I agree.

Gum or Breath Mints?

Aphrodite: Breath mints? Why would we need mints to help us breathe?

Athena: She’s right. We’ll never stop breathing. We’re immortal!

Artemis: Pine gum is delicious and refreshing.

Persephone: Gum it is, then. Let’s move on to the next question.

Shoes or Sandals?

All four girls: Sandals!  

Aphrodite: Especially the silver-winged ones we use to help us travel at ten times normal walking speed.

Artemis: You can sure get places fast in those!

Cats or Dogs?

Aphrodite and Persephone: Cats!

Aphrodite: My kitten, Adonis, is adorable. He has sweet-smelling black and white fur, and–

Persephone (interrupting): Our kitten.

Artemis (frowning): Definitely dogs. I’ve got three terrific hounds: Suez (that’s Zeus spelled backward) is my bloodhound. Nectar’s a greyhound, and Amby’s a beagle.

Athena (diplomatically): Cats and dogs are both great.

Apples or Oranges?

Artemis: Apples. Once I offered to shoot one off of my brother Apollo’s head. He wouldn’t let me, though. Don’t know why. I’m an excellent archer.

Persephone: Pomegranates, actually. You should see how far I can spit the seeds!

Athena: I can’t answer that question. They’re two different fruits. It’s like—like comparing apples and oranges!

Aphrodite: Sorry? I guess I missed that question. I was fixing my make-up in the mirror. As goddess of love and beauty I like to look good all the time. ‘Course I guess this isn’t a live interview.

Heads or Tails?

Artemis: Tails. As in my dogs’ tails. They’re always so happy to see me when I’ve been away from my room for awhile.

Athena: Heads. I’m inside mine a lot because of all the reading and studying I do.

Persephone (fondly): That’s for sure. Athena’s always got her nose in a textscroll. She’s the brainiest of us all!

Aphrodite: Sorry. Did I miss that question too? I’ll stop primping now.

Facebook or Twitter?

All four girls: Huh?

Aphrodite: Twitter, I guess. I do like listening to birds.

Text or Talk?

Artemis: So the choice is between reading a textscroll for school or talking?  Talk, of course!

Aphrodite: What an easy choice.

Persephone: I agree.

Athena: Hmm. Can I think more about this one?

Any other books in the works?  
You bet!  Here’s the line up so far:

Goddess Girls #9: Pandora the Curious (Dec. 2012)

Goddess Girls #10: Pheme the Gossip (Apr. 2013)

Goddess Girls #11: Persephone the Daring (Aug. 2013)

Books in the Goddess Girls Series:

• Athena the Brain
• Persephone the Phony
• Aphrodite the Beauty
• Artemis the Brave
• Athena the Wise
• Aphrodite the Diva
• Artemis the Loyal
• Medusa the Mean
• The Girl Games/Super Special

This is such a great series.  A perfect way to introduce mythology to middle graders.  These books are appropriate for anyone ages 8 and up. My tween daughter, my neighbor and I have all enjoyed reading this fun series.

Mythology Hop Giveaway: 
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