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Welcome to Author Bryony Allen

Bryony Allen was born in Enfield in the UK but actually spent most of her youth in the North East of the country close to Hartlepool before returning South again. There she studied for a degree in English Literature and Drama at the Roehampton University in London, graduating with a 2:1 honours.
She writes Young Adult and Adult mystery fiction and had her first adult book, ‘Mystery, Deceit and a School Inspector’ published by UK Independent publisher Pneuma Springs. Her first book for Young Adults titled OTOLI was published by the same publisher on 28th April 2011. A portion from all sales of OTOLI will be donated to the national charity ‘BullyingUK’ by the publisher on an on going basis.
In addition to writing Bryony is also a full time teacher and SENCo for middle grade school and currently lives in the beautiful wilds of the Suffolk countryside with her husband, four children, and the family pets of cats and dogs. She is now currently researching and working on further writing projects for both Adult and Young Adult genres. 


Twitter: @Bryony_Allen

Guest Post:

It’s my favourite time of year; the time when the ghosts and ghouls, devils and demons, and warlocks and witches come into their own. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a pagan, and I do not worship the dark arts. However, I do find the less tangible, more spookily ethereal aspects to our world to be fascinating, and writing is the best way to play about with them.
Think of that spooky, derelict building that has lain empty for years. The one that causes people to subconsciously quicken their steps as they walk past. The same one that cannot be sold no matter how ridiculously low the price. Think of those noises that you hear as you pass; the whispers of a childish giggle and the breeze that you could swear is carrying your name, the sounds that make you ask yourself, “Those shadows that I see moving between the cracks in the wood – is it my imagination or do they really look as though they could be young children?” Remember the tales your friend’s grandmother would tell you about the brother and sister who disappeared one winter evening, never to be seen alive again. Is that where they ended up? In that house, trapped by the woman who lived there alone; a survivor of the witch-hunts of the 1600s, though still a social leper. Or are you being lured inside, drawn into the dark by mischievous imps? So what do you do? Allow your imagination to drag you into a world that is prepared to scare you as much as you want, or step back and let another writer do it for you?
That was how ‘The Assembly Room’ started. It is an actual building that looks like it holds a story waiting to be told, and I had to let loose my somewhat dark imagination to exorcise the ‘what ifs’ that I could not shake off. Therefore, the haunting of the place by accused witches from the medieval time became a literary reality.
Hallowe’en is the perfect time for exploring the deepest, darkest recesses of your imagination, especially for writers and readers. You can get as spooky and dark as you dare, and the wickedness of your thoughts can find the perfect excuse in the supernatural. Why not have a go?

The Assembly Room by Bryony Allen

The ghosts of The Assembly Room have been waiting for someone to unlock their secrets, and Merryn Stearne has arrived.

For 14 year old Merryn, the future should have been perfect – a new home in the idyllic Suffolk countryside and romance with the gorgeous boy next door, Jamie. If only the past would stop interfering with the present.

Dreams of medieval witchcraft trails become terrifyingly real and Merryn realises there is a mystery to be solved. With Jamie’s help, she uncovers the truth about her ancestor’s role in the Suffolk witch hunts of 1645.
But can they stop the curse that threatens to ruin the Stearne family once again, or are the forces of the past too strong?

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