Triberr… Want to give it a try?

I’m going to give Triberr another try.  I joined when it was fairly new but dropped out earlier this year when my life got crazy.  I’m ready to give it another chance.

What is Triberr?  Basically you join a “tribe” of other bloggers who share similar interests and then you all agree to share each others’ blog posts via triberr.

I’m setting up a “family friendly” tribe for those who review, read & write family friendly books.  I’ve already got 100 fabulous tribes mates in other tribes I’m part of but am looking to find some people who are new to triberr.

Do you like to tweet & already have a twitter following?   If so and you are interested in giving Triberr a try you can request an invite here: (Apparently requesting an invite isn’t working – email me if you want to join and I’ll help you get set up).


  1. anas3836 says:

    I just heard of this site yesterday & I’ve been madly searching for good tribes to join. It really doesn’t seem terribly active, which is a shame. it’s a neat concept.