Interview & Giveaway: Born Brave by Katherine Nelson

Welcome to Songwriter, Music Artist & Actress Katherine Nelson

Raised in Southern California as one of eight children, Nelson began singing at age three. Now as a recognized award-winning musical artist, songwriter, and actress, Katherine lives with her husband and four children in Utah.

Katherine’s film credits include starring and supporting roles in Emma Smith, My Story, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, and 17 Miracles. Most recently, Katherine is about to take a big role in a local film with a nation-wide release.

Her musical landscape has included everything from route-66 roads of Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers to The Hollies, Crosby Stills and Nash, Tracey Chapman, Natalie Merchant, Kate Bush, classic and alternative rock, jazz, and folk dotting just about every stop musically on the map to shaping her own solid ground. She believes in discovering uncharted territory as well as staying true to the core of where she came from. Inspired by rich vocals from Dala, Civil Wars, Allison Krauss, and The Band Perry, she has once again been stretched to new horizons with her most recent single “Beautiful” and her upcoming album, “Born Brave”. It’s no surprise to Katherine that her journey has lead her to Nashville, having written and recorded out of the same studios as musical legends like Johnny Cash, Sinatra, and the like. Reflecting the heat, shine, and sparkle of the Golden State, Katherine believes music is the bright spot in life’s path that inspires us to take big leaps, holds our hands during the hard, and pushes us through to the end.


Skittles or M&Ms?

M&M’s. Always. With peanuts. Any color. Any weird, uncertain, non-committal deformed shape. M&M’s. Forever.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?

When I was little I always wanted to be a Wife and a Mom. I always wanted to be a singer and a writer/composer. And something not many people know about me, I always wanted to dance. I’ve taken several years of dance and taught (Tap, Jazz) both in California and Utah. I can’t help it.  I am so easily a fool on the dance floor. All dignity is lost at weddings with DJ’s, Zumba classes, and in my kitchen. Truth of my life. Shameless. Maybe more embarrassing than cool, but I love it.

Favorite Music?
Some of my favorite music of all time, aside from Stevie Wonder, Civil Wars, Billy Joel, Dala, and the kitchen sink of genres and artists I was raised on, some of my favorite peaceful, methodical music I always can lean on (and have used several times on set in between takes when filming) is from a film called The Mission that my Dad used to watch when we were growing up. The soundtrack to this day is the most heavenly combination of texture and melody. It’s by Ennio Morricone. Music that feels like a puzzle piece from my soul. Beautiful.

How did you celebrate the sale of your album?
I haven’t really taken the time to celebrate the release of Born Brave just yet. I wonder if that day will come. My little family has been SOOOO busy over the last month moving with a job relocation for my husband, filming another movie,  a slew of concerts and interviews, and school starting back up that most of the celebrating I get in is when someone tells me they have listened to it and it’s lifting and supporting them. That to me is the celebration I continue to be blessed with having. It’s a pretty amazing realization that we can effect each others lives for good by what we put into the world. And in the end, whatever we have put into the world lands where it falls and lasts forever like a constant reminder of who we are and what we believed. 
…Back to celebrating, I hope it involves something really delicious and super relaxing. Our being BORN BRAVE deserves a massage and a long nap! 

Hot or Cold?
Hot. I’m solar-powered. I’m a California girl. My kind of winter has palm trees and fruit in the orchards and grass that’s still green. I love the sun.

What inspired you to become a songwriter?
I was inspired to be a songwriter by the incessant need to create and desire to say things that have never been said in the way I wanted to hear them. Wow. Sounds a little egotistical. But really, I love that incredible, miraculous, nearly undescribable moment in writing when it’s like you are reaching your hand out across into a cloud of creativity and inspiration, gently grabbing hold of something untouched and new and beautiful, and then pulling it back in and putting it into words and melody and music. It really is a gift to be had, if you have the patience and ability to work for it. That to me is inspiring.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Favorite flavor of ice cream? It’s actually always frozen yogurt (soft serve- I swear I’ll have my own machine someday!), if I have my pick. And it’s anything that goes well with loads of chocolate and chocolate sprinkles, hot fudge, waffle cone, and maybe some reeses pb cup all mashed up in it. Oh my.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should listen to your album.
You should listen to Born Brave because it is an extremely honest, unapollagetic, upbeat, soul-stirring anthem-based collection of songs recorded out of Nashville that I’ve written representing the brightest of moments and toughest of sacrifices in life;  looking you square in the eye and smacking you on the cheek reminding you that you DO have purpose, that you carry the hope of years, that you can wade thru the trenches of life and discover in the end that you ARE Born Brave, lifting you and helping you meet and overcome whatever challenges, big or small, that you face. I like to call it “Musical Prozac”.  

One food you would never eat?
I never eat fish. And Mom, sorry, I still have no appetite for lamb or liver and onions.

Night Owl or Early Bird?
Compelled to be an early bird with life’s demands, but really a night owl by nature.

In your wildest dreams, which artist would you love to co-write an album with?
In a dream world, I’d co-write with Civil Wars’ Joy Williams and John Paul White. But then if it’s a dream world, I would have Joy’s crazy mad-skills vocals. And if we’re still talking dreams, I’d finally get to go to Paris and London and Ireland and Spain, have a housekeeper, sell 10 million albums and make the world a better place, all the while eating decadent chocolate bars and never having to diet or do push-ups. Push-ups are for sweaty junior high kids anyway, right?  

Favorite smell? 
Fresh cut grass, In&Out Burgers, gasoline (I know, it’s weird. where does that come from really?) and any perfumes that are soapy and sugary smelling. Oh, and new shoes. mmmnnn…

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Deep discount shopper. Deep. I love a good deal and I love great quality. The two so rarely come together just right, but when they do- magic.

Thanks so much for helping spread the word about Born Brave. I am so deeply passionate about this message and am so happy to hear it’s being well received and shared out there. I really appreciate you taking an interest and help move this into more hearts.

See Katherine perform:
Katherine will be preforming in Lehi, UT on September 14th at Thanksgiving Point & in St. George, UT on November 9th at Tuacahn (Wahoo!).

I received a copy of the Born Brave album when I attended the LDSBA Convention last month.  My family (especially my 12 year old daughter) loves it and it can be heard playing nearly everyday.

Thanks to RLegacy Entertainment I have another copy of the CD for giveaway!  It’s a beautiful album and includes one of my absolute favorite songs – Emma, as well as several others that I love!

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1 copy of Born Brave
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Ends 9/26/12

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