2012 Giveaway Hop Schedule plus feedback wanted for 2013

For those who are wondering… Here is the hop schedule for the rest of 2012.

Sign Ups are Already Open – Click the Image in my Right Side Bar.

Stuck in a Good Book – Hosted by Stuck in Books Sept 20-25th

Banned Book Week Hop Sept 24th – Oct 1st – Co-hosted by I Read Banned Books

Fangs, Fur & Fey – Oct. 2nd to 8th – Co-hosted by Reading Lark

Happily Ever After Hop – Murphy’s Library October 9th to 14th

Fall into Fantasy – by WritePath October 16th to 21st

Jane Austen Hop co-hosted by vvb32reads October 19th to 24th

YA Mythology October 26th to Nov 4th – For Those About to Read HOST

Spooktacular Hop Oct 24th to 31st – Co-hosted by Rhianna @ TheDiaryofaBookworm

Sign Ups Coming Soon

Dystopian Hop Nov 1st to 7th – Co-hosted by My Shelf Confessions  

November Hop 8th – 12th – co- hosted by Tristi Pinkston

Gratitude Giveaways – November 15th to 25th 

November 27th – December 2nd Me My Shelf & I

December Hop – 4th  to 9th – Book Lover’s Holidays Hop – co-hosted by KidLitFrenzy

Gift Cards Only Hop – December 11th to 16th 

End of the World Hop co-hosted by My Life With Books Ends on 12-21-12 (starts 12/14/12)

Midwinters Eve December 21st to 27th Co-hosted by The Daily Harrell & Oasis for YA

I’m going to do some revamping for next years hop schedule.  If you want to leave any feedback now is the time to do so.  Do you like fewer but bigger hops or lots of smaller hops? What about entry requirements?  Length of the hop? Etc.  Please leave me a comment or send me an email with your opinion. Ultimately I will decide what I think is best for this blog but I am interested in feedback from both those who host giveaways & those who enter them. One thing that will be changing…. if you co-hosted this year it does not mean you automatically get to co-host again next year. As “host” I have taken care of almost everything and just asked the “co-host” to promote the hop and help decide the hop graphic. I spend hours each week updating the linkys, sending reminder emails, etc. and I’m getting burnt out. I will be doing more “co-hosting” instead of hosting this coming year.  One thing that is not up for debate and will not be changing is the fact that all my hops will remain “family friendly”.