Utah Book Month: Author Interview & ARC Giveaway: Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

Welcome to Author Julianne Donaldson

Julianne Donaldson grew up as the daughter of a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot. She learned how to ski in the Italian Alps, visited East Berlin before the wall came down, and spent three years living next to a 500-year-old castle. After earning a degree in English, she turned her attention to writing. She writes historical romance when she is not busy with her four young children and husband. Edenbrooke is her first novel.


If you could jump in to a book, and live in that world.. which would it be? 

Leviathan series by Scott Westerfeld

When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”? 

A veterinarian

If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play the lead role and why? 
Tina Fey, because she’s hilarious.

How do you react to a bad review? 
I get psychotic and repeat the words in my mind over and over until I go crazy and declare that I will never write again.

Favorite smell? 
Rain in the desert.

Favorite sport? 

Print or Ebook?

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate, of course

Horror or Romance? 

Spontaneity or Planning Ahead?
Planning Ahead

Stand Alones or Series? 
Stand alones! I’m too impatient to wait to read the end of the story

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I enjoy coloring. As in, crayons and a coloring book, any chance I can get–in church, at restaurants, etc.

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be doing?
Going crazy, and maybe quilting

What is your favorite scene in the book and why do you love it? 
I don’t think I have a favorite scene. There are some scenes that make me laugh, like whenever Mr. Clumpett opens his mouth. And some scenes that make me cry–like when Marianne writes the letter to her father, and when she realizes that she has to give up Philip’s friendship. And then there are the super romantic scenes that I rewrote a million times, like the letter-writing scene, and the scene in the stables when he’s worried about her. I don’t think I could pick just one–they were all really fun and rewarding to work on.

What was the inspiration behind your book? 
I really love reading compelling love stories, and I’m enamored with historical England, but I couldn’t find enough good stories to satisfy my appetite. So I decided to write what I most wanted to read.

How did the title for your book come about?
It’s after the name of the Wyndham’s estate, Edenbrooke. That name originated from the idea that it was very idyllic, like the Garden of Eden.

Title: Edenbrooke
Author: Julianne Donaldson
Series: None
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
Released: March 27, 2012
Website: http://www.juliannedonaldson.blogspot.com/

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson

Marianne Daventry will do anything to escape the boredom of Bath and the amorous attentions of an unwanted suitor. So when an invitation arrives from her twin sister, Cecily, to join her at a sprawling country estate, she jumps at the chance. Thinking she’ll be able to relax and enjoy her beloved English countryside while her sister snags the handsome heir of Edenbrooke, Marianne finds that even the best laid plans can go awry. From a terrifying run-in with a highwayman to a seemingly harmless flirtation, Marianne finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure filled with enough romance and intrigue to keep her mind racing. Will Marianne be able to rein in her traitorous heart, or will a mysterious stranger sweep her off her feet? Fate had something other than a relaxing summer in mind when it sent Marianne to Edenbrooke.

Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson was released on March 27, 2012

Edenbrooke is the first book in Shadow Mountain’s new Proper Romance Line.

A Proper Romance is Shadow Mountain Publishing’s brand of clean, smart, engaging, romantic stories that will never embarrass the reader.

I loved Edenbrook!  I’m excited to be able to offer the readers of my blog a chance to win a copy! I can’t wait for Julieanne’s next book Blackmoore!

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