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Today is the official release day for The Cinderella Project by Stan Crowe and I’m kicking off the tour for the book with a great giveaway.

But first more about Stan….

I stumbled across an interview Stan had done that was posted on Breezy Reads.  I liked what I read so I requested a review copy of the book.

Here are a few of the interview questions and answers that were posted on Breezy Reads:

How is your Romance different from most out there?Aside from the fact that no one has sex in The Cinderella Project? The most obvious difference is that it’s told from a male point of view. I’m sure that has been done before, maybe even a few times. I’m not sure how often it has been done by a man. The book gets beneath the male stereotype and reveals (scandalously!) that yes, men actually do have emotions, and that, to paraphrase Mister Bennett, “a guy likes to be crossed in love now and again.”I actively worked to keep this love focused on the commitment and the effort involved in making a relationship work in the long run, rather than on “just getting some” with the hopes that “real” love would come along before the end. I just try to keep it light, fun, and real—no chiseled abs, no heaving bosoms (and yes, that’s me stereotyping romance novels).

Okay, so you write Romance and are a guy… Do you read any Romance?Only recently. See, I stumbled into the romance genre—there was an online contest run by a girl, and my entry into that contest was the original form of this book. Turns out, I really, really enjoyed writing it, so despite the fact that I had almost zero experience with the Romance genre, the story compelled me anyway.When I realized I actually could write a decent romance that was fun to read, it occurred to me that I’d better check out what was already out there, to get a better idea of how women felt, what they wanted in their reading, and what was entertaining to read. Let’s just say that I became a fast fan of Shannon Hale.

How does it feel being a man writing a Romance?
Well, my hands have never been softer, nor my legs so smooth. Seriously, though, in a word: bizarre.Yet cool at the same time, because I’m comfortable enough in my manhood that I can write about relationships and emotions that men do have (whether they admit it or not) and not feel emasculated. It’s definitely not a flooded field, and while Nick Sparks is awesome competition, it provides a sense of uniqueness I probably wouldn’t find writing many other genres.

You can read the rest of the interview here:



The Cinderella Project

Committed to saving his marriage before it starts, doctoral student Nick Cairn embarks on a project aimed at finding the secrets of everlasting love. But when Moire DeLanthe, a smart and sassy research assistant, enters the picture, his Happily Ever After is put to the ultimate test.

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My review of The Cinderella Project will be posted this afternoon.

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