Giveaway Hop Sign Ups

I’ve not been good at creating buttons for the most recent hops.  I just haven’t had time.  I’ve also not taken the time to put the images in my sidebar that click through to the sign up page.  I’ve recently received several inquires about hop sign ups.

Hopefully life will slow down and I’ll find time to do some of these tasks but it likely won’t be for another month or two.

For now here are the current hops that are open for sign ups.

Feed Your Reader Ebooks Only Hop

August 23rd to 29th

Young Adult Hop

August 8th-14th

Summer Giveaway Hop:

August 1st to 7th

Lazy Days of Summer Hop:

July 27th to August 1st (Sign Ups Close Sunday)

The following hops are planned for the rest of the year.  Sign ups will open about 1 month before the hop starts.  PLEASE do not sign up unless you are sure you will participate.  Often about 1/3 of the blogs that sign up don’t put a post up. 

August Hop 17th to 22nd – co-hosted by The Elliot Review (sign ups open this weekend)

Back to School- Back to the Books Hop Sept 1 – 7th Co-hosted by Heather @ Buried in Books

September 7th – 14th – Clean Reads Hop – Co-hosted by Clean Teen Fiction & One Librarian’s Book Reviews

Books to Movies – SweepingtheUSA

September 14th to 19th – Under the Sea Hop – co-hosted by The Musings of ALMYBNENR

Stuck in a Good Book – Hosted by Stuck in Books Sept 20-25th

Banned Book Week Hop Sept 24th – Oct 1st – Co-hosted by I Read Banned Books

Fangs, Fur & Fey – Oct. 2nd to 8th – Co-hosted by Reading Lark

Overflowing Bookshelf – Clear Your Shelf Hop – October 5th to 11th

Happily Ever After Hop – Murphy’s Library October 9th to 14th

No Strings Attached Hop October 12 to 17th

Fall into Fantasy – by WritePath October 16th to 21st

Jane Austen Hop co-hosted by vvb32reads October 19th to 24th

Spooktacular Hop Oct 24th to 31st – Co-hosted by Rhianna @ TheDiaryofaBookworm

Dystopian Hop – My Shelf Confessions  Nov 1st to 7th

November Hop 8th – 12th – co- hosted by Tristi Pinkston

Literacy Blog Hop – November 12th to 19th – Co-hosted by Nurture Your Books

Gratitude Giveaways – November 15th to 25th – Co-hosted by

November 27th – December 2nd

December Hop – 4th  to 9th – Book Lover’s Holidays Hop – co-hosted by KidLitFrenzy

Gift Cards Only Hop – December 11th to 16th – co-hosted by Attack of the Book

End of the World Hop co-hosted by My Life With Books Ends on 12-21-12 (stars 12/14/12)

Midwinters Eve December 21st to 27th Co-hosted by The Daily Harrell & Oasis for YA

New Years Hop December 31st to January 6th – Co-hosted by Babs Book Bistro