Blogging, Word Verification & Spam Comments

Anyone else getting spammed by annoying comments?  Blogger is really good at catching them so they never actually show up on my blog but I get an email sent to me anytime someone comments on my blog.

Here are a few recent spam comments I’ve received.

This one cracked me up:

Amazing! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful choice of colors! Feel free to visit my web site:

Since I have a custom designed blog I don’t think it could possibly look anything like her old blog.

Here’s another one that was on a post that didn’t have a video:

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read? Also visit my web site:

Write more?  The title of my blog is I Am A Reader, Not A Writer!

Personally I really dislike word verification/captcha so I don’t have it enabled on my blog.  I get quite a bit of traffic on my site and haven’t had too many issues with spammers.  I get a couple spam comments each day but they go right into my spam folder.  To be safe I have my settings so that comment moderation is enabled on all posts over 14 days old. Even still Blogger catches nearly all spam comments even on newer posts and they end up in my spam folder instead of being published.

Do you have many problems with spammers commenting on your blog?

Do you use word verification on your comments?  If so why?  Have you tried turning it off?  If so what happened?

Do these comments actually do any good and make it through to actually be posted anywhere?