Guest Post & Giveaways: Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand by Linda J. Ferguson

Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand- Embracing Change
Linda J. Ferguson, Ph.D.

Sometimes we got those cosmic nudges, if not a 2X4 slap across the face, to change.  Sometimes what appears on the surface to be bad news, may in the end result in a positive change.  Next time you are challenged with a change, stop to ask how the change will serve a higher purpose.  Will the change shift you to a better place?  The 2X4 slap and subsequent change may be a blessing in disguise.

I faced such a cosmic slap a few times, the hardest ones coming as I lost a job and went through a divorce.  Though I didn’t seek out either change, as I came out the other side, I could see that the changes were necessary to get me to a new and better place.  I dealt with some deeply buried wounds, cleared some self-limiting beliefs, and found new faith and strength I could never imagined having. 

Now I no longer fear change or uncertainty because I know that what I’m going through will get me to a better place.

Depending on how ready you are for change, how much you think the change will help you, and how successful you feel you’ll be making the change, you may welcome or avoid change.

If you intentionally want to change some aspect in your life, you can follow some concrete steps to navigate through the change.  I’ve developed a process called Transformational EmpowermentTM to support people making change.  These ideas came from working with my coaching clients and my workshops over the last six years. The Transformational Empowerment process uses some basic spiritual principles to support you in making profound and lasting changes.

If you are looking to make a job or life change, and truly want the change to stick, I invite you to use these steps for Transformational Empowerment.  Visit my website ( to receive a free series of handouts and videos that will help you in your change process.  You’ll receive a series of emails where I’ll share stories that describe how each of the steps work.

Try out the ideas of Transformational Empowerment and you’ll be well on your way to create a significant life shift, to reach your goals, or to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Embrace the journey.  The change may do you good.

Linda J. Ferguson is an author, coach, consultant and seminar leader for personal growth and professional development.

Visit Linda’s website- to receive valuable handouts and videos to support your personal growth and professional development.

Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand provides insightful stories and ideas to support your spiritual journey and help you answer your soul’s calling. Inside you’ll read how to step fully into who you are as an awakened soul being. You’ll read ways to apply spiritual principles for daily challenges and stressors of relationships, finances, work, or family.  You’ll learn how to connect with the joy and beauty of who you are as a spiritual being through your various human experiences.
You’ll learn ways to shift how you experience your world using the affirmations, meditations, and visualizations provided in each chapter. A new process called Transformational Empowerment™ shows seven key steps for manifesting your heart’s desire and fulfilling your soul contracts.
You’ve already signed up to be an agent for spiritual transformation, in your own life and in the world.  Staying Grounded in Shifting Sand is a spiritual guidebook to help you navigate through your daily stresses, spiritual tests, and challenging relationships. It also is a celebration of the joy you are here to experience as a conscious co-creator.  Each chapter ends with concrete, meaningful exercises for you to use immediately!

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