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Welcome back to Author Frank Cole

Frank L. Cole was born into a family of Southern storytellers and wrote his first book as age eight. Sadly he misplaced the manuscript and has since forgotten what he wrote. Highly superstitious and gullible to a fault, Frank will believe any creepy story you tell him, especially ones involving ghosts and Bigfoot. Currently along with his wife and three children, he resides in the shadow of a majestic western mountain range, which is most likely haunted.

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The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters


If you could have any superpower what would you choose? 

I would love to always land on my feet… like a cat or maybe the power to bounce right back up like a weeble wobble.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? 
Good ole’ Chocolate. No nuts. No gimmicks. No surprises.

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose? 
My great-great grandfather who supposedly saw some sort of monster. I’m pretty sure he was crazy, but boy would that be a fun conversation.

Night owl, or early bird? 
I’m more like a mid-day duck.

One food you would never eat? 
Peas disgust me.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book. 
For all those who grew up loving Goonies and Indiana Jones and want their kids to do the same, here you go!

Any other books in the works? 
My next Hashbrown Winters book (4th in the series) will release April 2013 and I’m in the process of finishing up the Guardians series. Plus I’m always writing. 

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen? 
When I was a child, I loved the Tailypo by JoAnn Galdone. Creepy. And then, as a teen, I really enjoyed Huckleberry Finn and Lord of the Flies. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors? 
Continue to write your next project. Don’t settle and wait until your current project is published. The more you write, the more you’ll develop your talent and the opportunities will start popping up. 

What is your favorite Quote? 
“No matter how much Peter loved her, what made the Pan refuse to grow was that the Hook brings you back.” – Blues Traveler

If a movie was made about your life, who would you want to play the lead role and why? 
The kid who played Vinnie off the show Doogie Howser. Apparently, he looks just like me.

How did you know you should become an author? 
It was just one of those constant feelings in my mind. I couldn’t deny it. I’ve always been a storyteller and found myself writing whenever I had a free moment. 

Who are your favorite authors of all time? 
I love J.K. (yeah, we’re on a first-name basis. She doesn’t know this yet.) 

Can you see yourself in any of your characters? 
All of them. Even the villains. (Not really, those.) Trendon from The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter and The Guardians of Elijah’s Fire is my carbon copy. I love that obnoxious teenager!

What movie and/or book are you looking forward to this year? 
I can’t wait for the new Dark Knight movie and The Hobbit. I’m also looking forward to reading Janitors 2 by Tyler Whitesides.

Frankie the Phantom

How do you react to a bad review? 
I speak gibberish, consider giving up writing altogether, stare at the floor for a good hour, and then I move on. You can’t please everybody.

If you were a super hero what would your kryptonite be? 
I think I mentioned this earlier. Did I not? I really don’t like peas. At all.

If you could have a signed copy of any novel what would it be and why?
The Bible. Talk about your conversation piece.

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book? 
Lots of screaming and confusion. I think I didn’t believe it for a good while.

The Guardians of Elijah’s Fire

Just when they thought they were safe, Amber, Trendon and their classmates get yanked back into the action. With the Tebah Stick in enemy hands, Amber becomes a target and it seems even her closest allies can’t be trusted. Now the gang will have to travel through enemy territory to protect a deadly ancient weapon that could cause the earth’s utter destruction.
This thrilling tale ups the action and doubles the danger. Bestselling author, Frank L. Cole delivers an addicting read for adventurers of all ages.

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