My Apologies to #TeamAmity

To TeamAmity,

My apologies for being a sore loser and claiming that you won the DivergentNation challenge by cheating when I have no proof.  There were no rules against one person clicking or requesting someone to click links multiple times therefore it would be impossible for you to be cheaters since there was no rule being broken.  My inferring that you were was false and wrong.

I made some assumptions based on the communication I had received from HarperTeen and my own personal feelings and beliefs on the subject.  No matter what I believe or what my opinion on the subject is I conducted myself poorly and apologize for doing so.

For my blog followers who I’ve let down by my less than professional handling of this situation I’m sorry.  Feel free to “unfollow” me, “unlike” me, etc.  There are 1,000s of other fabulous book bloggers out there.  I hope you can find some wonderful new blogs to follow.

To the bloggers and authors I regularly interact with if you wish to be removed from the hops or bookblasts I host please let me know.

To those who understood my post for what it was thank you for your understanding.