Win 100 Dollars & a copy of Jerusalem Assassin

So I’m going to have to repitch this because I can’t believe only 15 people have entered this giveaway to win $100.  

Win $100 and a Signed Copy of Avraham Azrieli’s Spy Thriller the Jerusalem Assassin!

About the Jerusalem Assassin-

In the wake of the 1995 Oslo Peace Accords, a wave of Palestinian terror hits Jewish targets. Israel responds with a clandestine war in Paris, Zurich, and Tel Aviv. When a beautiful Mossad agent is critically wounded in Amsterdam, master spy Jerusalem Gerster pursues the attackers back to Israel, where he uncovers a sinister conspiracy to perpetrate an unprecedented national catastrophe—the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin.

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I think that the way the PR company originally set up this contest was way too confusing.  Thankfully they listened to my feedback and allowed me to change how this contest is run on my blog.

So here it the deal…

We’ve been assigned to go to Tel Aviv as undercover agents.  What would be the best undercover disguise?

Rafflecopter will choose the winner from my blog so even if your disguise is not the most original or creative you can still win!  There are 3 other blogs you can enter for 3 other chances to win $100 on each of them as well:

That’s 4 different $100 winners and hardly anyone has entered!

So here is all you have to do…



  • Share your best covert ID (undercover disguise) as a comment on Avraham Azrieli’s facebook page or as a comment on this blog.
  • Tweet about this giveaway to get tips from your Twitter friends (tag #spycover) on what the best identity would be to go undiscovered as a spy in Tel Aviv.
  • Like this blog post on Facebook.

1 randomly chosen person will win $100 dollars + a copy of the book.  
Last day to enter is May 15th.
Winners will be announced May 16th.

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