Author Interview & Book Giveaway: Ordinary Wisdom by K. Blue

Welcome to Author K. Blue

Ms. Blue was raised in a middle class American family with 3 brothers. Her father worked for a large corporation and her family moved quite a bit during her growing up years. From Indiana to New Jersey, Texas to Georgia, she has lived in many different areas of the country and had many different experiences. These experiences have given her a unique take on life which she enjoys sharing in her book Ordinary Wisdom. 

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What is one book everyone should read?
The one that everyone says you should read, but you don’t think you will like. I say this for a few reasons but let me start by saying, some of the best books I have ever read were one’s I did not think I was going to care for. A good example is the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Let’s face it; with the movie and the books, the Hunger Games is EVERYWHERE. Most of my friends are reading them and have good things to say. When they started to tell me about the story I had to think to myself. “Really? That doesn’t sound like something I would care for.” Just goes to show you what I know. The book spoke to me and made me think about my values and what I would fight for, die for, and ultimately, live for. That is what a book should do. Make you something…Make you think…Make you question…Make you a better person…Make you happy…Make you different. Sometimes reaching for something new is the best way to find something amazing.

What is your favorite Quote?
“Talent is useful, but always keep your dagger sharp.” This is from an Amanda Quick novel. I like the quote because it reminds me that it is not always about what you know but how you handle things. In the end, being good at something may help, but being prepared is even more helpful.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you “grew up”?
I wanted to be a singer. The story goes that my Grandma looked at me as a baby and decided I was going to have a good singing voice so my Mom and Dad gave me the middle name of Noel. Turns out she was right. There are some things we are given at birth that we can’t take credit for. My voice is mine. For whatever reason, I have a natural talent for singing. Along the way I realized that as much as I love music, and would like to sing for myself and my family, I like having my voice be a joy rather than a job. Some say that is a waste, but our choices make us who we are and I am happy with mine. One of the most joyous sorrows of my life was this last January, where I was able to sing Amazing Grace at my Grandmother’s funeral…my one last gift to the woman who inspired my middle name.

Who are your favorite authors of all time?
As much as I love to write real life, I love to read fiction. I have a long list but some of my favorites are Nora Roberts, J.D. Robb, Nalini Singh, J.K. Rolling, Sig Larson, Jayne Ann Krentz, Amanda Quick, and Jayne Castle. I like good strong stories and characters I can care about. They don’t have to be literary masterpieces, just books I can get into and enjoy.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I love to do things over and over. I love movies and reading and don’t have any problem reading or watching things multiple times. After years of reading I can devour a book in no time. Sometime while my friends are working on the first run through a book I am already reading it for the 3rd time…in one week. Movies are the same. When I am crafting or working around the house, I usually have a movie on. Don’t even ask me how many copies of the Harry Potter movies I have all over the house. I am sure it would shame me to count. The great thing about repeating things is that you don’t get frustrated with getting pulled away. If the phone rings, I just leave the movie playing and catch up in progress later. The sign of a good story/movie is that it makes my repeat list.

Favorite places to travel?
I love the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC. It is not that far a drive from Atlanta so it is good for a long weekend away. The grounds are beautiful. The house is so interesting and full of history. I love to go there and just sit in the gardens and read or just take walks. Every season has something different to offer.Asheville has nice shops if I want to do some window shopping. I really can’t say enough about how relaxing and fun I find it.

Favorite music?
I love sad songs. Sounds funny but they often help get me back on my feet. I am not one to allow myself to feel much sadness. I don’t cry much and am often too busy to examine how I am doing emotionally. Sometimes I will listen to a sad song and tear up or even cry. I think it helps me to normalize and feel better. I am sure a therapist could have some fun analyzing my love of sad songs, but it works for me!

Favorite sport?
I love to swim. There is something about being in the water that takes away all my cares. I am quick, strong and agile in the water. Maybe that is why I enjoy it so much! On land I am slow and clumsy.

TV or Movies?
Difficult choice. I like TV but, I have to say movies. I think because good stores are hard to tell in just an hour. With TV I am always waiting for the next week when I will get my answers, or not. With movies you get a more complete story in one sitting. Sure you have your series movies, trilogies and so on, but for the most part you get a full story.

Print or Ebook?
Both. If I really like an author I want to have the book on the go and in my library. I like the feel of a paper book but eBooks can’t be beat for convenience. My book mentions that my Dad likes to take us on long drives. Well, I used to bring a stack of books, now I grab my Nook and I am ready to go! In a pinch I can use the app on my phone. When I am at home on the weekend I love to sit in my reading chair with my kitty and while the day away reading paperback and hardcover books. Books in any form!

Horror or Romance?
Romance, definitely, romance. I like the optimism you find in a romantic story. Sometimes they are tragic but most of the time you can count on a happy ending. I also have a vivid imagination and a good memory when it comes to images. Horror is hard for me to watch because I remember everything so well. Sadly, my super memory is not on things that could be deemed important, just movies and books. In any case, I tend to be careful how graphic or violet a movie or book is. I sometimes read or watch anyway, but I usually try to make sure I know what I am in for beforehand.

Pizza or Pasta?
Pizza. Growing up we used to have pizza night. My Mom would make pizza dough and my Dad would roll it out. We would cook the sausage and build and bake the pizza, then eat it in the family room while watching a movie. This is a tradition that I have carried on with my friends. We have “Girls Night” at my house where we each make our personal pizza with our favorite toppings then sit around my family room and overeat and watch a movie. Ahhh, good times.

Cats or Dog?
Cats. I like animals and we have always had dogs growing up. As mentioned in the book I only got a cat because of a strange twist of fate. I like that cats are self reliant and low maintenance.

Favorite quote from a movie?
“My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare do die” from the Princess Bride. I like this quote for several reasons. When I first watched the movie I liked the justice in Indigo’s story. The fact that he completed his task, did not get him back what he lost but in the end you knew it was not just about revenge, but justice. Over the years it became a quote my older brother would say at odd times. So I got used to associating it with my brother. Than a few years ago I ran across this t-shirt on It was a printed name tag. You know the ones that are red and white and have Hello, my name is…printed on them? Well this one had “Indigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die” on the white part in script. I gave it to my brother as a birthday gift and I can’t tell you how funny he thought it was. He laughed until he cried. It was great to be able to give him something that gave him such happiness and reminded us both of something we both connected with.

Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one big expensive one?
Price does not matter as much to me as how it fits me. For example this year my family got together and purchased me a Nook Tablet. Love it! It was more than they usually spend so I would call it a “big expensive” to our family. In years past I have gotten everything from cards, costume jewelry, to a drill bit sharpener (from my Dad). What makes a gift memorable is that it was chosen with care and an eye for me and who I am

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
That I value other opinions. Many people who meet me think that I don’t care what others think. I have been told that I am sound confident and opinionated. I think that is a nice way of saying that I am a strong personality. I think it would surprise people to know how much I like to hear what other think. I love listening to others views and opinions. I don’t have to agree with you to admire your convictions or your dedication to an idea. Chances are we won’t agree. What I really like is being able to listen, hear and talk about what drives us all. To me that is one of the best ways of getting to know someone.

Ordinary Wisdom

This collection of short family stories is heartwarming and genuine. Each story is a lesson learned by experiencing everyday life. From childhood to adulthood there are lessons in all that we do and experience. The trick to growing as a person is to recognize their significance and continue to learn. You may find that you identify with the experiences of this wonderful family. You may even be reminded of times in your past and the lessons you have learned. Be prepared to smile, laugh and maybe even cry a little as you enjoy reading of ordinary wisdom.

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