Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop – 100 Book Giveaway!

My bookshelves are overflowing and reality has hit me hard.  At most I will be able to read another 100 books this year and listen to another 100.  I have hundreds of books on my to read list and more books are released every week.  I decided to organize this spring cleaning giveaway hop as the perfect chance to clean my bookshelf and share some wonderful books with others. I spent an afternoon going through all the books on my shelf and I have a huge box of books I need to pass on to others.

These books are review copies I have already read, books that I have two copies of, books that were sent for review that have been on my shelf too long, books I won in giveaways, books that I started but never finished… basically great books that are in need of a book review & a new home.

Many of these books have already been read and reviewed but some of them have not yet been read. It is really truly hard for me to part with the review copies that I have not yet read. I accepted these books because I WANT to read them. Unfortunately there are just too many books I want to read and not enough hours in the day for me to read them all. If a book has been on my shelf for several months and I haven’t gotten to it I feel it is only fair to pass it on to someone who has time to read and enjoy it.

About half of these are ARCs the other half are finished copies. Covers are often different than the image featured below.

There will be a lot of winners. All winners must have a US mailing address.  I’ve budgeted $75 to pay for shipping.  I’ll keep selecting winners until I hit my shipping limit.

Random Winner #1 – This will be a completely random winner. I will submit all entries to random.org and have it choose a winner. That winner will receive their choice of any 10 books listed below.

Random Winner #2 – Also a random winner – They will receive 5 books of their choice from the remaining books.

+1 Bonus Entry if you share this giveaway and leave a link (facebook, twitter, etc.)

Additional Winners
I’m unsure how many additional winners I will pick but there will be at least 5 more winners who will receive up to 10 books each. To enter simply tell me which books you would like to review, why you are interested in them and where you will post your review. Don’t tell me you want any and all of them. I’m looking for reviewers who have an interest in specific titles and are committed to read and review those titles if they receive those books. By entering you are committing to review the books in a timely manner and ensure that you post a review in at least 2 places (your blog, amazon, goodread, barnes & noble, etc.) I will use the random.org to select winners, if any of the books they would like to review are still available they will be sent.

Final Winner – The final winner will receive all the remaining books – To enter you must have a use for the books. Do you work in a small library or at a community service organization that is in need of books? Do you have a good use for the books? To enter this final giveaway just tell me what you would do with the remaining books if you win them. I will use random.org to select a winner from all eligible entries.

I will be shipping out a total of 100 Books!

Spring Cleaning Giveaway 100 Books 

Get out a pencil and paper and write down the titles you are interested in because you will need a list of at least 10 books you want to win when you enter the giveaway.


Printed Books (paperback, hardcover or ARC)

To Enter the giveaway please follow this blog however you would like (GFC, Email, Linky Followers, Facebook, Twitter, Networked Blogs, RSS, etc.) and fill out the form below. There is +1 bonus entry if you share the giveaway on facebook or twitter and leave a link.

I ended up picking 18 winners and spent $85 on postage today!
Winner for Giveaways #1 – Kayla Beck (10 books of her choice)
Winner for Giveaway #2 Thalia (7 books are headed her way)

Emily K
Amber P
Laura D
Katie P
Jinky S
Becky W
Mary Ann W
Lisseth T
Megan R
Vicki N
Jane C
Stephanie H
Sarah B
Angela H
Sandy S
Audrey – 2 books of her choice plus the remaining books

There are over 100 other bloggers clearing their shelves. Visit their blogs to enter their giveaways.

I will be hosting some sort of a spring cleaning/clear your shelf type hop every 3 or 4 months. Sign up to join me in the next one which will run from June 15th to 20th.

Sign ups can be found here: http://www.iamareader.com/2012/03/clear-your-shelf-june-giveaway-hop-sign.html