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March 30th to April 4th

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Purpose: To promote a charity that you support.

Without a doubt my favorite charity is LDS Philanthropies/Latter-day Saint Charities!

Latter-day Saint Charities helps people become self-reliant and improve their quality of life through initiatives such as clean water, health, and food production. Latter-day Saint Charities also relieves suffering by providing life sustaining support during emergencies.

Humanitarian Aid Fund
When a disaster occurs, Latter-day Saint Charities sends food, clothing, medical supplies, and other emergency relief assistance to help victims with urgent needs. Advance planning, extensive storage of essential items, and an extensive worldwide network of volunteers, allow a swift response when disaster strikes. These volunteers, working cooperatively with other relief agencies, help ensure that 100 percent of all donations are distributed directly to those in need.

Clean Water
Working with local community leaders, Latter-day Saint Charities (Humanitarian Services) provides access to clean water with wells and other water systems where no such service is available.

Volunteers from the village provide labor to install and maintain the wells to ensure their long-term operation. Local contractors are employed, and a local site supervisor is appointed to ensure the work is performed as agreed. Each village establishes a water committee to oversee the maintenance of the facilities.

Involving the community helps local people feel an ownership of the project, an important cultural consideration in the long-term use and proper maintenance of the water supply.

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Humanitarian Food Production
Millions of children eat one meal a day because they don’t have enough food. LDS Charities helps families reduce disease related to malnutrition and increase productivity and self-sufficiency with home food production and nutrition training

Neonatal Resuscitation Training
Our volunteer medical teams provide resuscitation training and equipment to doctors and their assistants in countries where newborn mortality is high. These newly trained medical personnel in turn train other doctors and medical personnel. As a result, thousands of newborn lives are saved. Each project team may work with up to 15 organizations in one country per project. These organizations may include pediatrician associations, midwife organizations, hospitals and clinics, and other community health organizations. Each facility is provided with simple equipment that is used in the resuscitation process.

Mobility (wheelchairs, artificial legs, etc)
Latter-day Saint Charities (Humanitarian Services), working in partnership with local organizations that serve the disabled, distributes about 40,000 wheelchairs each year in 70 countries. Those who have witnessed a disabled person receiving a wheelchair for the first time report that the joy and tears of gratitude shown by the recipient are often overwhelming.

Vision Treatment Training
Our response to the enormous problem of preventable/reversible blindness is to train local, qualified medical personnel to perform eye surgeries and provide equipment that is essential to the procedure. Working with local, established medical facilities in developing nations, Latter-day Saint Charities organizes training seminars led by certified ophthalmologists who volunteer their time as trainers. Ultimately, those trained are able to serve hundreds or even thousands of patients over time. Each year we carry out training projects in about ten developing countries.

Thanks for taking a minute to learn more about LDS Philanthropies/Latter-day Saint Charites!




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