Random Acts of Kindness Giveaway – A Better Reason to Fall in Love or $25 in BlogAds

Friday, February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.
To celebrate I’ve teamed up with Read for Your Future to bring you a simple to enter Giveaway Hop.

The dates for this hop are February 17th to 21st. This hop has a maximum of 2 entries per person so it should be easy to enter the giveaways on all the 150 participating blogs.

MY GIVEAWAYS – There will be 2 winners.

Giveaway #1 – A copy of A Better Reason to Fall in Love by Marcia Lynn McClure. A fun, light-hearted, romantic read.
Paperback copy open to US, Ebook open Internationally

A Better Reason to Fall in LoveExcerpt…

“Boom chicka wow wow!” Emmy whispered.
“Absolutely!” Tabby breathed as she watched Jagger Brodie saunter past.
She envied Jocelyn for a moment, knowing he was most likely on his way to drop something off on Jocelyn’s desk—or to speak with her. Jocelyn got to talk with Jagger almost every day, whereas Tabby was lucky if he dropped graphics changes off to her once a week.
“Ba boom chicka wow wow!” Emmy whispered again.
“He’s sporting a red tie today! Ooo! The power tie! He must be feeling confident.”
Tabby smiled, amused and yet simultaneously amazed at Emmy’s observation. She’d noticed the red tie, too. “There’s a big marketing meeting this afternoon,” she told Emmy. “I heard he’s presenting some hard-nose material.”
“Then that explains it,” Emmy said, smiling. “Mr. Brodie’s about to rock the company’s world!”
“He already rocks mine…every time he walks by,” Tabby whispered.

Giveaway #2$25 in FREE BlogAds Advertising on my blog.

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Pamela Rosensteel – A Better Reason to Fall in Love
Geo Librarian – Blog Advertising