Book Giveaway: The International Kissing Club by Ivy Adams

I’m schedule to review The International Kissing Club today as part of The Teen Book Scene Book Tour but I am only half way through the book. Yesterday ended up a little crazy and I didn’t have any time to read. My review will be delayed a day or two so to make up for my tardiness…

I’m offering my review copy for Giveaway!

The International Kissing Club by Ivy Adams is the story of four best friends: Piper, Cassidy, Mei, and Izzy–the misfits of Paris, Texas. Their whole lives, they’ve dreamed of escaping small-town life and seeing the world. So when Piper is the victim of an embarrassing prank that goes viral online, she gets the idea that the girls should escape via the school’s international exchange program, in search of fun, love and internet redemption.

Emily McKay, Shellee Roberts and Tracy Deebs write under the pseudonym Ivy Adams. They shop, gossip and watch movies in Austin, Texas.

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