Author Interview & Ebook Giveaway: The Royal Sheikh by Katheryn Lane

Welcome to Author Katheryn Lane

Katheryn Lane works full-time as a teacher, mother and wife, but somehow also finds time to manage being a part-time writer as well! ‘The Royal Sheikh’ is her first book and is inspired by her experience of living in the Middle East. In her free time (on the rare occasion that she has any!) she loves to lose herself in a good book.


What is your dream cast for your book?
If The Royal Sheikh was made into a film, I would love to see Antonio Banderas as Sheikh Rafiq. Although he’s not an Arab, I think he did a great job of playing one in the film, Black Gold, which is about the discovery of oil in the Arabian Peninsula. However, I wouldn’t have him looking quite so old, as Sheikh Rafiq is a man in his early 30’s! The heroine, Clare McKay, would be harder to cast, as she’s a quarter Japanese, with long, black hair, but blue eyes.

Any other books in the works? Goals for future projects?
I am working on several different projects at the moment, none of them finished! One of them is another contemporary romance. It’s about a woman who travels to South America with her boyfriend, who then abandons her in a remote village after losing heavily in a poker game. I’m also thinking of writing another Sheikh romance as several readers have asked me for one. I live in the Middle East, so there is certainly a lot of inspiration around me! In addition, I’ve been thinking about writing a book about self-publishing. People say that you should write the books that you would want to read and this would be the book that I wish I’d had when I first published last year; what to do, what works and what not to do.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
It has been fantastic meeting and getting to know so many wonderful authors and readers. There is a huge community of authors out there, both indie and traditionally published, that are constantly helping and supporting each other, as well as providing a lot of fun and laughter.

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
As a child, I loved the book A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. It’s about a wealthy young girl whose father dies and she is thrown into poverty. However, it has a happy ending, but I won’t say what it is and spoil it for people who haven’t read the book. It has a fairytale-like quality about it which I loved, in the same way that I now love romances. I think that an emotional romance, with a great happy-ever-after ending, is a bit like a fairytale for grown-ups.

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?
Write what you love and what you love to read. If you love romance, write romance, but if you love horror, write that. Don’t try to follow a trend. For example, the Twilight series has made vampire books popular recently, but if you’re not a vampire lover, don’t write it. Your lack of feeling for the genre will show. Also, write what you know, as you can use your knowledge to give your book important details. For example, I live in the Middle East, and I’ve used my experience of living here to give local colour to my Sheikh romance.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
My father told me that I should always try to put others before myself. Often we hear people talking about ‘help yourself’, ‘pursue your dream’, etc which is good, but maybe it’s better to help others and help others to pursue their dreams? Everyone has struggles and burdens in their lives and it’s important to try and find ways in which we can lighten each others.

What do you do in your free time?
I love to read, of course, but apart from that, it all depends on where I am living. I love to go ice-skating and mountain hiking, but I can’t do either of those things where I currently live, so I have to wait until I go on holiday. I also like to crochet, which may sound old-fashioned, but it is a very relaxing activity which I can do while I watch TV and unwind at the end of day. However, I haven’t done much recently as I’ve been spending all my free time writing.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I have a real sweet tooth and could happily eat a ton of chocolate-chip cookies, especially the chocolate chunk variety! The only way I can stop myself from eating them is to not buy them. However, once in while I buy a pack and then share them with my family, that way I don’t eat them all myself!

Favorite smell?
I love perfume! My Mum loves perfume too and bought me my first bottle, Blue Grass by Elizabeth Arden, in Paris on a family holiday when I was a girl. My all-time favourite, however, is Joy by Jean Patou, a great floral classic. When I am writing about my characters in a book, I think about how they would smell. In The Royal Sheikh, the hero, Sheikh Rafiq, would wear expensive, musky cologne, like Royal-Oud by Creed. Creed state that the scent was inspired by ‘wood, leather, marble and gold, elements of a royal Persian palace’. Perfect for a Sheikh! On the other hand, the heroine, Clare McKay isn’t rich or wildly successful. She’s a hard-working professional who’s trying to qualify as an architect, so she would wear a small amount of a fresh-smelling perfume, like Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. Also, she would use toiletries scented with cherry blossom, as this would evoke her Japanese ancestry, products like L’Occitane’s cherry blossom bath and shower gel.

What rating would you give your book? Why?
PG. There are no explicit love scenes, beyond kissing, but a physical relationship is implied. It’s a ‘sweet’ romance with a low heat rating

The Royal Sheikh

Clare McKay is a dedicated architect with no time for womanising men. That is, until she accidentally meets Sheikh Rafiq Al Kahil, an Arabian prince, known in the international press as the Playboy Prince. Clare is intent on not falling for his seductive charm, but when he asks her to design a mansion, he presents her with an offer that she can’t refuse. Once she finds herself alone with him in the Arabian desert, how long will she be able to hold out against his advances? And will he be able to cast aside his womanising past for her, as well as a secret engagement to an Arabian Princess?

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