Picture Book Review: There’s Just Something About A Boy by Jenny Lee Sulpizio

Title: There’s Just Something About A Boy
Author: Jenny Lee Sulpizio
Illustrator: Peg Lozier
Publisher: Ajoyin Publishing
Released: September 23, 2011
Website: http://www.jennysulpizio.com/

Book Summary:

There’s Just Something About a Boy is a children’s keepsake picture book celebrating the special bond between a mother and her newborn son by depicting the love, laughter, and unparalleled adventure that will surely come from raising a little boy.

This is another wonderful book by Author Jenny Lee Sulpizio. I had the priveledge of reviewing her first book Mommy Whispers last year and was thrilled to receive a review copy of her newest book There’s Just Something About a Boy.

Jenny’s latest book captures the joy of raising a son.  This book is a treasure that would be the perfect gift for a mother of a newborn baby boy.  It would also a make great book to read aloud to preschool and primary aged sons or as a gift to let a son know how much your cherish him.

Having just taught my oldest son to drive I can relate to the page on teaching a teen to drive.  Before I know it all three of my boys will be grown and gone but in my heart they will always my special gifts from God.  This touching, heartfelt book leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Rating: 5 Stars – Loved it!

Source: From Author for Review