Book Review: The Story of Jesus by Eliza R. Snow

Title: The Story of Jesus
Author: Eliza R. Snow
Preface by: Kathleen Barlow
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Released: October 8, 2011

Book Summary:

From Christ’s birth and ministry to His Crucifixion and appearance to the Nephites, Eliza F. Snow, second Relief Society president of the LDS Church lovingly illuminates the Savior’s life and teachings in her book The Story of Jesus.

Easy to read and beautifully designed, this special reprinting is made with both children and adults in mind to help all ages better understand and appreciate the basic truths that testify that Christ is our Savior and the Son of God.

This wonderful story is told by Eliza R. Snow as if she were talking directly to young children. The story connects Christ’s life as told in the Bible with His visit to the Nephites after His Resurrection, as told in the Book of Mormon.

Connecting the lessons of Christ as a complete story adds power to the Savior’s ministry, as well as displaying the knowledge and understanding that Eliza R. Snow had of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The text from this book was originally printed in 1867 by Eliza R. Snow. Originally title The History of Jesus this book was released a chapter at a time in the publication Juvenile Instructor.

There are 18 chapters in the book each of which is only about 5 pages long. Beautiful photographs accompany the text of each chapter. The text reminds me of a story a grandmother or mother would tell their child as a bedtime story.

Imagine trying to tell the story of Jesus’ life in a story 100 pages. This book just nicks the surface of the stories told in the Bible and Book of Mormon but provides a good overview of His life.

The Story of Jesus could be used as a Sunday evening bedtime story for those wishing to teach their children more about the life of Jesus Christ.  It brought to my mind the song Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.

Content: Obviously Clean

Rating: 4 Stars – Great Book

Source: From Publisher for Review