Book Review: Independence Rock by Debra Terry Hulet

Title: Independence Rock
Author: Debra Terry Hulet
Series: None
Publisher: Cedar Fort
Release Date: February 8, 2011
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Book Summary:

Katie McBride seems locked into a life of failure. First her father abandons her, and then she is abused by her alcoholic mother. Katie’s path begins to look very much like that of her parents, and she sees no way out – until she is sentenced by a juvenile court judge to a difficult, two-week handcart trek.

Over one hundred and fifty years earlier, Katie’s pioneer ancestor Katherine faces great hardships as she travels West with a wagon train. A young, widowed mother, she keeps a journal along the trail, and Katie reads it as she completes her sentencing.

At Independence Rock, Katie’s and Katherine’s paths and divine intervention meet. Katie is discouraged, though, and decides that it is too late for her to change. She must be willing to believe in herself if she is wants to stop the downward generational spiral that has plagued her family.

Independence Rock is two stories in one. The chapters jump from a present day pioneer trek reenactment back to the real Trek from the 1800s. The stories are link through a journal that was kept by Katherine McBride as she journeyed west. Her descendant Katie McBride is part of the reenactment and is unknowingly traveling the same road as her ancestor. Through the journey both work to overcome the challenges their lives have brought them.

This was a good read that was worth my time. Recommended to those who enjoy LDS young adult fiction or stories of pioneers.

Rating: 3.5 Stars – Good Book

Content: Clean

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