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Welcome to Debut Author Sara Wilson Etienne.

I used to dream of being a marine biologist but quickly realized that I love fantasy more than fact. Now I enjoy combining both to create stories that ask “What if?” I write in sunny California alongside my artist husband and my two dogs.

My favorite days are spent disappearing into different universes, whether it’s traveling with Dr. Who, popping into a parallel world with Diana Wynne Jones, writing my own stories, or just taking a nap.

Harbinger is my first novel.


If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?
Amelia Earhart. She was far from a perfect person, but she was tough and amazing and the first woman to do so many things. I love the way she looks in old photographs. Windblown and so comfortable in her own skin. I really want a leather flight helmet with goggles too!

Night owl, or early bird?
Night owl. I seem to kick into gear around 9pm, even when I’m tired, which is super inconvenient. Though nighttime does seem to hold all the secrets…

Skittles or M&Ms?
Always M&M’s. But sometimes peanut ones.

Is there a song you could list as the theme song for your book or any of your characters?
I listened to the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack while writing HARBINGER and it pretty much a soundtrack for my book. Pounding Taiko drums, eerie wailing, and sweeping melodies. It instantly let me sink into Faye’s world and linger there.

How did you know you should become an author?
I tried on so many hats and none of them really fit. I knew in my heart that eventually I’d get tired of being a scientist, a lawyer, a teacher…I started to think something was wrong with me. Then I tried writing and I KNEW. I wanted to spend the rest of my life creating stories and worlds.

Who are your favorite authors of all time?
Madeleine L’Engle, Diana Wynne Jones, Ellen Raskin, Tamora Pierce, and, at the risk of being a total fangirl, J.K. Rowling.

What’s the best advice anyone has ever given you?
I once told someone I wanted to be a writer, but that not many people made a living doing it.
They said, “But some people do make a living, right?”
And I said, “Yeah, but…”
They cut me off and said, “So, why not you?”
My whole world rearranged that day and now that’s my answer to most anything. “Why not me?”

Hidden talent?
In high school, I was showchoir girl. So if a Broadway musical number is the only way to save the world, I can sing and dance with 3 inch heels on, big hair, and a sequin dress. I have a mean twirl!

If you were a bird, which one would you be?
Ooooo…nice question. This isn’t original, but I’d go for a hawk. I want to SOAR! Plus, no one messes with hawks.

If you could have a signed copy of any novel what would it be and why?
A first addition of A Wrinkle in Time. That book and all of Madeleine L’Engle’s books are a huge part of who I’ve become as a person and a writer.

You have won one million dollars what is the first thing that you would buy?
A houseboat.

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?
With Champagne and intense relief. Exuberant joy came later, once it all sunk in.

What is your guilty pleasure?
BBC murder mysteries. Something about British crime shows is so civilized and yet they throw in the most appalling, creepy things!

Favorite smell?

Artwork by Angela Matteson

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Girl, Interrupted meets Beautiful Creatures in this fast-paced thriller.
When sixteen-year-old Faye arrives at Holbrook Academy, she doesn’t expect to find herself exactly where she needs to be. After years of strange waking visions and nightmares, her only comfort the bones of dead animals, Faye is afraid she’s going crazy. Fast.
But her first night at Holbrook, she feels strangely connected to the school and the island it sits on, like she’s come home. She’s even made her first real friends, but odd things keep happening to them. Every morning they wake on the floors of their dorm rooms with their hands stained red.
Faye knows she’s the reason, but what does it all mean? The handsome Kel tries to help her unravel the mystery, but Faye is certain she can’t trust him; in fact, he may be trying to kill her – and the rest of the world too.
Rich, compelling writing will keep the pages turning in this riveting and tautly told psychological thriller.

HARBINGER by Sara Wilson Etienne debuts February 2, 2012,

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