Guest Post: Can You Survive? by Ryan Jacobson & Giveaway

Welcome to Author Ryan Jacobson


Ryan Jacobson likes to tell people he was “this close” to becoming a teacher, and those who have seen his author presentations agree that he should have been. Ryan uses his passion and talent for storytelling to get students excited about books.
He has long loved to read and write, but in truth, Ryan never planned on becoming an author. It wasn’t until he read a Magic Tree House chapter book that his love of children’s stories was born. In the years since, he has launched a successful career as an author and presenter. He has written wonderful, imaginative adventures for readers from kindergarten to high school, and he offers school presentations as a chance to share his work with others. He has presented at nearly 100 schools, organizations and special events throughout the state of Minnesota.
Ryan lives in Mora, Minnesota, with his wife Lora, sons Jonah and Lucas, and dog Boo.

Guest Post: My Library

By Ryan Jacobson

It’s hard to talk about the books in my library because I suffer from the all-too-common problem of too many books and not enough space. I have boxes of books in places I didn’t even know I had boxes. It’s really quite a mess. My wife has quarantined the entire upstairs as my “area.” No one else dares venture up there—except my son, Jonah. His growing mess of LEGOs has been quarantined with me, but that’s another story.
Anyway, Inspired Kathy asked about my library, so I’m going to do my best to answer. It’s divided into four sections—or it would be if I had any sense of organization. I’ll take you on a tour of each:
Comics & Graphic Novels

By far the biggest section in my library, this collection of books has been growing at an alarming pace since the early ’80s. Comics have always been my first love when it comes to reading, and I mostly prefer the stereotypical superhero stuff. I have a little bit of everything, but my favorites are Batman and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I also have an impressive collection of a little known superhero called Moon Knight. For some reason, I made it my goal to get every comic he’s ever appeared in. I’m almost there.
Favorite reads: Batman vs. The Incredible Hulk, JLA: Tower of Babel
Recommended for young readers: Bone
Recommended for mature readers: Maus
Recommended for audio-book lovers: Graphic Audio’s rockin’ comic adaptations
New & Favorite Books

These are the books I can see on my bookshelf or can find pretty quickly in the quarantine zone. I either haven’t read them yet or have read ’em and absolutely love ’em. Currently at the top of my TBR pile are books I should’ve finished a year ago, like Room and The Replacements. I also have “trending now” books like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games. You’ll also find a lot of Stephen King in this section, classics like Sherlock Holmes and Dracula, and the “no-duh” books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.
Favorite/recommended reads: House of Leaves, Into Thin Air, The Stand
Books I Forgot I Had

If it weren’t for all of the comic books, this would be the bulk of my collection. These are the books I once read and said, “Meh,” as well as the books I intended to read but never got around to. They are all packed away in boxes, begging to be set free in a used-book store.
Antique Books

I absolutely adore old books. I have a rather modest collection right now, but there is an old edition of Gone with the Wind and some early printings of Peter Pan in there. In my wildest dreams, I’ll some day have old copies of all the books we’re adapting into Can You Survive titles.

Title: Can You Survive? Sir Authur Conan Doyle’s Adventure of Sherlock Holmes – A Choose Your Path Book
Author: Ryan Jacobson & Deb Mercier
Publisher: Lake 7 Creative
Released: November 4, 2011

He’s the world’s most famous detective, and thanks to this brilliantly adapted book, he’s you! The cases, the clues, the suspects, they’re yours to sort through in this exciting Choose Your Path book. You are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. You make the choices. But be careful; the wrong decision could lead to your doom.

For all the tour stops please visit: The Teen Book Scene

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