Book Giveaway & Guest Post: The Break Up Artist by Shannen Camp Crane #BIR2011

Welcome back to author Shannen Crane Camp.

I was fortunate to get my hands on a very early review copy of Shannen Crane Camp’s release The Break-Up Artist.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and my review can be found HERE.

Shannen Crane Camp


Shannen Crane Camp was born and raised in Southern California where she developed a love of reading and writing, completing her first (very) short story in the fifth grade. She continued to write throughout junior high and high school before finally deciding that enough was enough; it was time to be an author. She moved to Provo, Utah, to attend Brigham Young University where she attained a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and a very well received proposal from her fellow California resident Josh Camp. The two are now happily married and living in Provo.

GUEST POST: “Budgeting your time with exact change”

Recently I’ve been busy. Not the “should I play video games or read a book?” busy but “I just worked 11 hours and now I need to sneak in a meal before going to bed and starting all over again” busy. Not the fun kind of busy. The unfortunate part of this is the fact that my very first book just came out on December 8th and I have absolutely no time to market it.

I look around at the other authors with books similar to mine doing book signings a few times a week, writing blog posts like they’re going out of style, and giving away ipads if you sign up for their mailing lists… OK… maybe they aren’t giving away ipads but still. As a first time author with very little time on her hands and no money to spare on giveaway items, it can seem overwhelming to compete in this market.

And then I stopped feeling sorry for myself. At least, I’m working on it. But while working on this feat I realized there are probably a lot of authors in the same boat as me. Struggling with your day job while also struggling to market a book you know could do well if only you had the time and resources to get it out there.

So here are a few things that have worked well for me even with my limited time and budget.

First off, the internet is a WONDERFUL source of marketing. This blog post, for example, I am writing after an 11 hour day at work (which may be evident by the fact that it’s all over the place and I’m switching tenses like there’s no tomorrow), but it’s still something I can do in a half hour to help people hear about my book. Online marketing has been a savior for me since the only time I can market is late at night after work. Ready for some good news? The internet doesn’t care what time it is! It’s always there! Now there are some times that are better to post than others, but even if you’re posting late at night, chances are someone is going to see it, which is much better than the prospect of not marketing at all.

So tweet, blog, interview, update, and post as often as you can!

Also, weekends are your friends. Probably some of your closest friends if you work full time. So take advantage of that time to do any signings you can! It may be your only chance to get one in for a while.

And now, I need to go to bed because I have work early in the morning. But hopefully this helped! Although I think the only people this would apply to may not have time to read the whole thing. It’s a vicious cycle I guess.

The Breakup Artist

Breaking up with someone is a major pain—-unless you can hire someone else to do it for you! And Amelia demands top dollar for her professional break-up services. Everything’s business as usual until David, one of the boys she’s been hired to dump, throws her for a loop. Now she must decide if David’s intentions are genuine, or if there’s something sinister behind his flirting.

Rating: 4.5 Stars Highly Recommend

Content: Clean

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