Nearly New Books for You 11/15

I love to receive free books in the mail. Unlike most avid readers I don’t have a huge personal library. I believe books should be read and then shared instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust. This belief could mean free books for you.

Each Tuesday I will be hosting a Nearly New Books For You Giveaway.

NEARLY NEW BOOKS FOR YOU IS TAKING A BRIEF HIATUS.  I refuse to go to the post office more often than necessary during the holiday season.  Nearly New Books for You will resume at the start of 2012.

Because I’m taking a break I’m awarding books to 2 winners from last week and will have 3 winners for the upcoming week.  That should cover my “time off”

First Congratulations to last week’s winners:

The Snow Globe by Sheila Roberts
Winner: Jennifer at Ficticious Musings
Divine Appointments by Charlene Ann Baumich
Winner: Merry Gravett

This week’s Giveaways:

I Am Santa by Kristy Haile

The Christmas Chronicles by Tim Slover

The Reindeer Keeper by Barbara Briggs Ward

Giveaway Details:
Following appreciated but not necessary
Open to US only
Ends 11/21/11

I’ve seen several other versions of this on the web… Secondhand Saturday on Reading Teen, and Emptying the Nest on Reading Lark are two that come to mind.  I’m sure their are others.

I invite you to join me by sharing books that are just sitting on your shelf with others.  If you live in the US it only costs about $3 to send a book via media mail.  You are welcome to use my Nearly New Books for You title & image or create your own name for your used book giveaway.