Giveaway Hop Policy Change

Starting in December I am changing the requirements for taking part in my Giveaway Hops.

My site is family friendly.  I try to read, review and promote books that are on the “cleaner side”. Books that for the most part are free of graphic sex, strong language and gratuitous violence.

Up until now I’ve allowed any site who is interested to participate in my hops.  I check every link on the linky to make sure that there is a giveaway posted.  This is not working for me anymore.  I’ve been burned one too many times today while checking links for the Gratitude Giveaways.  My eyes are in serious need of a good bleaching.

Effective December 1st only “family friendly” sites will be allowed to participate in the hops I host.  You need not review only children’s or young adult books to participate.  I consider many sites that review only adult books to be family friendly. There are many tasteful adult book review sites out there. It is the Erotic/18+ sites that I am referring to, sites that are covered with erotic covers and steamy pictures.

I know there will be mixed feeling on this change.  When I instituted the policy to require *adult* on the linky next to these sites I received many words of thanks.  By excluding these blogs now I know some people will not like the change.

Ultimately I have to do what I feel is best for me and the majority of the readers of my blog.  Thus I am making this change knowing I will likely lose a few followers.

I’ve been asked to be more specific on exactly what I mean by family friendly especially when it comes to romance, urban fantasy, paranormal, etc.  I have yet to come up with a concrete black and white line.   It honestly varies from site to site.  If your header and sidebar have steamy book covers & pictures then your site is probably one I’m talking about.  If you review the occasional romance book then I’m not referring to your site.  If you are somewhere in the middle email me with a link to your site and I’ll tell you which side you fall on.

The best site I can come up with for where the line is is Good Choice Reading.  They just make the cut and remain on the linky: They are an eclectic review site that features some “adult” books.  From time to time they have a cover as part of a book review I would prefer not to see but generally their header and sidebar are not plastered with racy cover. If you’ve got more on your site than they do then you won’t make the cut. 

I hope that clarification helps.

Thank you for understanding.