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Alfundo “Fun” London has always been fascinated by words and language. He spoke English and French at an early age. Despite being an avid reader (by the time he was twelve he had read the entire World Book Encyclopedia including the two-volume dictionary), he spent many days as a child outdoors exploring nature, earning an early nickname Natureboy. He could identify and draw every native plant and animal, and would often be seen hiking the nearby Pennsylvania woods with a pad and pencil in hand.
Fun currently lives in Florida with his wife of twenty-five years. Besides writing novels and short stories, he works with children as a private tutor.

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If you could travel in a Time Machine would you go back to the past or into the future?
I would definitely pick the future. Although I would be fascinated with the past, it’s too much of a “been there done that” for me. I am excited about the future.

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?
Food, water and a serviceable boat

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?
I would be inclined to say Gandhi. He was able to free an entire country without killing a single man, or being killed himself. I think he would be worth knowing.

Night owl, or early bird?
Definitely night owl. My father was an army colonel who insisted on early rising. I can hear his bass voice now, “You gotta get up, you gotta get up, you gotta get up this morning.” I have been protesting getting up ever since.

Skittles or M&Ms?
M&Ms–LOVE chocolate 🙂

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
I think you will enjoy it.

Any other books in the works?
I’m currently working on a prequel to The Wonderkind.

What inspired you to want to become a writer?
In my tutoring of students, I noticed a decided absence of reading material that was positive, and a glut of depressing works that no sane child would enjoy. If I had been forced to read such work in school, I would have given up reading altogether. And that is exactly what many of those students had done. I decided they deserved better.

Tell us your most rewarding experience since being published.
Hearing from a reader that they had been embarrassed on the train due to laughing out loud while reading my book.

What was your favorite book when you were a child/teen?
As a child I was a big fan of Dr. Seuss, then The Hardy Boys, then Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. As an older teen I liked Gulliver’s Travels, Dune and The Count of Monte Cristo.

What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring authors?
Say what you want to say, not what you think you are supposed to. And write, write, write.

If you could be one of the Greek Gods, which would it be and why?
I would have to be Zeus. Tossing thunderbolts around would be awesome!

What is your favorite Quote?
There are so many I could pick. One of my favorites is, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than you.” –Dr. Seuss
Or, “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” –Katharine Hepburn

Can you see yourself in any of your characters?
I see a part of myself in each of my characters. I think that helps me create characters that are real.

Hidden talent?
On occasion I have been known to whip up a tasty meal.

The Wonderkind

Robbie is the 12-year-old son of a wealthy businessman who does whatever he wants regardless of the consequences. When he falls over the rail of a Mediterranean cruise ship, he finds himself in the amazing underground world of Sutala. Robbie meets Lea and many of the Wonderkind who are all that remain of an ancient and powerful race. Lea introduces Robbie to the hups, the luminescent bees and a magical waterfall that changes him forever.

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