Ask Me Anything – Social Media Share Buttons

Today’s Question comes from ME!  I know I know a little odd but I learned a great trick I want to share!

How do you get the social media buttons to appear below a blogger post like you have on your blog?

I searched for at least a half hour trying to figure out how to get social media share buttons below my blog posts.  I found several sites that had the buttons I wanted but I couldn’t figure out how to get them to appear on my blog.  I found one site that was easy to use  I just didn’t love the way the buttons worked.  I finally emailed three different sites asking how they got the buttons on their site.

If you are wondering what I’m even talking about here is an example of what I wanted.

I heard back from 2 blogs who both told me the same thing. They had no clue. Lori from Imagination Designs did their blog and she got them on there. I had to laugh because the 3rd person I had mailed asking was Lori. I heard back from her and it was so simple I can’t believe I spent so long trying to figure it out.

Here is how you do it. Log into your blogger dashboard and click on Design.  Find the box in the middle that says Blog Posts and Click on Edit.

Then check the little box by Show Share Buttons

It’s that simple to get these Social Media Share Buttons to show up below your post. They allow people to easily share your post on Twitter, Facebook, +1 on Google, email or blogger.

Thank you Lori for the great tip.  Be sure to stop by her book blog or design site.   I love her work!!

Please take a minute and get these added to your blog!  There are many posts I would share if the blog had these buttons in place to make it simple to do.

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