Nearly New Books For You Returns

I’m bringing back Nearly New Books for You and inviting you to participate with me each week.

I love to receive free books in the mail. Unlike most avid readers I don’t have a huge personal library. I believe books should be read and then shared instead of sitting on a shelf collecting dust. This belief could mean free books for you.

Each Tuesday I will be hosting a Nearly New Books For You Giveaway.

This Week’s Nearly New Books for You Giveaway:
Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith (see my review HERE)

Out of the Transylvania Night by Aura Imbarus (see my review HERE)

Giveaway Details:
Following appreciated but not necessary.
Open to US only.
Ends 10/17/11.


I’ve seen several other versions of this on the web… Secondhand Saturday on Reading Teen, and Emptying the Nest on Reading Lark are two that come to mind.  I’m sure their are others.

I invite you to join me by sharing books that are just sitting on your shelf with others.  If you live in the US it only costs about $3 to send a book via media mail.  You are welcome to use my Nearly New Books for You title & image or create your own name for your used book giveaway.

If you host a giveaway for previously read books please link it up so others can find it.